Prime Cable Network Promotes Popular TV Series With Mini Dioramas

Mini Dioramas to promote tv series on Belgium's Prime TV

To promote the PRIME series available on Belgium’s PRIME Telenet network, Prime TV, director/designer/animator Steven Huybrechts filmed and composited miniature sets with tiny figurines to represent their line up of television series.

Mini Dioramas to promote TV series on Belgium’s Prime TV

A smart and entertaining solution, this meant they didn’t have to get clearance for clips from the actual shows, or book the actual actors, saving lots of red tape, moola and time.

The :60 television ad – shown after the screen grabs – features the following shows [shown in alphabetical order]:

Boardwalk Empire:

Breaking Bad:



Dirty Sexy Money:



Mad Men:


Modern Family:

Pillars Of The Earth:

Six Feet Under:

Sons of Anarchy:


The Pacific:



The promotional ad:

director: Steven Huybrechts
producer: Sofie Gebruers
cam: Geert Verstraete
edit: Tom Willems [represented by Caviar Content, Brussels]
soundfx: Yve@Sonicville
compositing/fx: Steven Huybrechts
client: Ludo Luykx PRIME

A special thanks to Fubiz for bringing this to my attention