The Praga Bohema Is A Wild Aerodynamic Hypercar from Czechoslovakia

praga bohema blue hypercar

Czechoslovakia’s Praga Bohema Hypercar is about as close looking to a Formula 1 race car as a street legal vehicle can get. The new, extremely limited, Nissan GT-R Powered Supercar from the Czech Republic is an aerodynamic carbon fiber constructed automobile that balances weight with power and performance for a pure driving experience, unfettered by unnecessary electronics.

Czechoslovakia’s Praga Bohema Hypercar

Praga Bohema hypercar in blue
Praga Bohema hypercar in blue

And just look at it. Not since Spain’s Tramontana R or the Aston Martin CC100 have we seen such a wild-looking performance vehicle.


We’re not sure exactly when supercars became hypercars but when we saw the Praga Bohema, in Blue with gold accents and Silver with orange accents, we knew we had to take a closer look.

Czechoslovakia's Praga Bohema Hypercar

Czechoslovakia's Praga Bohema Hypercar

Watch it in action:

The 2165 lb (982 kg) car has a weight to power ratio that places it amongst the fastest road-legal cars out there. The carbon fiber monocoque 6 cylinder/24 valve can reach a top speed of 300+ km/h (187 mph).

road legal race cars

Aerodynamically impressive, the Bohema delivers 1,984 lbs (900 kg) of downforce at 155 mph (250 km/h).

An exclusive, one-of-a-kind hypercar, the Praga Bohema comfortably seats two adults – even tall adults- within its sleek, low slung interior.

praga bohema on track

Inside it has all the hand-made high-end detailed touches and bespoke features we’ve begun to expect from these over-the-top vehicles. Praga’s hypercar has an ergonomically designed interior hand made with Alcantara leather, luxurious suede, custom colored seats with hand-stitched trim, carbon fibre details and the latest in technology.

handmaking car seats

Bohema in Blue

bohema doors open

praga bohema

Praga Bohema profile

Those who feel the need for speed but are accustom to luxury will be happy to hear that air conditioning is not considered as an unnecessary electronic feature and is included. As are super cool tailored luggage compartments with bespoke bags.


The custom ergonomic control panel offers unique design and functionality.

A gold-accented concealed phone holder pops up from the leather and carbon fiber center console.

Czechoslovakia's Praga Bohema Hypercar

Hidden pop-out holder allows you to use your phone for an ‘always up to date’ sat-nav

bohema interior

The ergonomic steering wheel is handmade of suede and Alcantara leather with carbon fiber buttons, colored stitching and LED display

handmade leather steering wheel

Praga bohema Steering wheel with display
The bespoke steering wheel is unique to the Bohema, developed for perfect ergonomics, no matter the size of your hands.
Bespoke luggage in the Bohema’s deep storage wells
Bespoke luggage produced in high-quality leather slips into the Bohema’s deep side storage wells.

Exterior details:

Praga-Bohema side vents
Carbon fiber side vents
tail light detail
Tailight (detail)

Bohema in Silver



czech supercar


Praga-Bohema-leather steering wheel orange detail

Exterior Details:

Rear vents
praga bohema side skirt
Side skirt detail
top view of slitter hood vents and NACA ducts

Technical specs:
Nissan PL38DETT Engine
Cylinders / valves: 6 / 24
Engine power: 700 bhp at 6,800 rpm
Engine torque: 725 Nm from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm
Displacement: 3.8 l
Top speed: 300+ km/h

Carbon fibre monocoque & body
Mid-engine layout
Downforce at 250 km/h: 900 kg
Rear wheel drive
0-100 km/h: sub 2.3 s

praga bohema front three quarter

Prices for the Bohema start at $1.31 million USD. Production is expected to begin in the Czech Republic, in the second half of 2023 and then they intend to build 20 Bohemas per year. The company is now taking orders and is in discussions for sales in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and other supercar markets.

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all images and information courtesy of Praga