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The Dior Takeover of Harrods! A Gingerbread-Themed Christmas

Dior Harrods Holiday Gingerbread Takeover

French fashion label Christian Dior kicked off the holiday shopping season in London unveiling quite the Christmas spectacle at Harrods – a massive Gingerbread takeover! Outside and inside the London department store has been transformed into real and decorative Christmas Gingerbread with a series of immersive in-store pop-ups and art exhibit that take you on a magical journey through the Dior’s history.

fabulous world of dior at harrods hero

Dior Harrods Gingerbread Takeover

‘The Fabulous World of Dior’ installation at the Harrods store in London this holiday season takes over not only their holiday windows, but also sections inside store with areas designed to look like you’ve entered life size Gingerbread houses featuring the brand’s leather goods and accessories.

Harrods made of gingerbread 7
Harrods made of gingerbread

Add to that a gingerbread styled Dior pop-up cafe and an exclusive in-store exhibit, ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ which explores the tradition of gingerbread houses, and it’s one sweet display of talent.


Dior outfitted the famous London department store’s exterior façade with lights and decorations that look like decorated gingerbread, emblazoning the entrance with an enormous star.

dior harrods andre dirand

The Holiday Windows

holiday windows
The window backdrops made of gingerbread before being filled with merchandise, photo by james robjant

The 44 street-facing store windows have backdrops of gingerbread, with mouldings and details sculpted in sugar and caramel. A feat of impressive craftsmanship.

Creating the gingerbread backdrops for the windows
Creating the gingerbread backdrops for the windows
Dior gowns made of Gingerbread for the store displays
Dior gowns made of Gingerbread for the store displays
gingerbread at harrods
gingerbread details in progress, photo by james robjant
sugar sculpting
Sugar sculpted dresses were also made for the displays
gingerbread handbags, photo james robjant

holiday windows

The exterior windows feature apparel from the Dior Cruise 2023 line, home accessories, beauty and fragrances.

photo by james robjant

harrods holiday windows

dior takeover of harrods

a close look at the gingerbread star shaped dollhouse in the baby Dior window above.
a close look at the gingerbread star shaped dollhouse in the Baby Dior window.

Inside the store

The Pop-Up Atelier

dior harrods2
photo: Dior by Adrien Dirand

Monsieur Dior’s Pop-up Atelier is designed to look like a life-sized Gingerbread house and features the fashion house’s leather goods and accessories.

christmas holiday windows
photo: Dior by Adrien Dirand

A second pop-up offers a gift shop inspired by a cabinet of curiosities featuring “the perfect present,” to ready-to-wear to shoes.

dior harrods 2022

The Pop-up Dior Cafe:

The gingerbread themed Dior Pop-up cafe in Harrods
Even the menu looks like a gingerbread biscuit
pop up gingerbread cafe at Harrods
inside the pop up cafe

gingerbread details

The room is unmistakably Dior with its toile de Jouy seating and picture-perfect tableware embellished with the maison’s Cannage motif.

harrods tea room transformed into gingerbread cafe

cafe dior at harrods

In addition to a delectable menu, visitors can take home a little piece of Dior in the form of irresistible gingerbread cookies. Choose from the iconic Dior logo, Lady Dior handbag, J’adore perfume and more – ideal treats for any fashion lover.

harrods dior cookies
Gingerbread cookies in the shape of Dior signature items and logo are amongst the available desserts.

Pop-up Gingerbread House “Kingdom of Dreams” Exhibit

Dior's Château de la Colle Noire replicated in Gingerbread from the Kingdom of Dreams exhibit
Dior’s Château de la Colle Noire replicated in Gingerbread from the Kingdom of Dreams exhibit

The ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ exhibition explores the tradition of gingerbread houses. The French fashion house set up an exhibit of gingerbread-style renditions of buildings from the life of its namesake founder, filling them with intricate displays of landmark locations from his childhood through adulthood.

harrods dior granville
Granville, the Dior family villa in Normandy, is replicated in gingerbread

Landmark locations, from Granville to La Colle Noire and 30 Montaigne, are made entirely out of gingerbread cookies in micro proportions.

incrdible gingerbread houses

gingerbread dollhouse

“This is one of the biggest things we ever did together,” Pietro Beccari, Dior’s chief executive officer told Reuters, noting the brand first took over a corner of the classic British upmarket store in the 1950s.

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