These Porcelain Barf Bags Are Sick Vases!

Porcelain barf bag vases

The Disposal Series is a collection of porcelain barf bag vases. Air-sickness bags made of bone china that feature retro silk-screened graphics from Asian, Indian and Thai airlines.

The Disposal Series (Porcelain Barf Bag Vases)

Created by Hedwig Rotter of Vienna for his Mano Designs, the tongue-in-cheek Disposal Series vases come in three different sizes. The tall vases are shaped like the barf bags we see on airlines in the U.S. The shorter vases which can also be used as pencil and pen cups. And lastly, there are bowls or catch-alls.

The three available sizes
The three available sizes

The silk-screens are old designs from Eastern, Eastern China, Thai, Air Vietnam and India airlines. The porcelain barf bag vases are part of an ongoing project themed ‘material transformations’ where each piece tells a story allowing different associations – taking a humorous look at a common object.

The Tall Vases (H/W/D: 19cm x 10.5cm x 8cm, Weight: 850g):
Eastern air sickness bag vase2Eastern air sickness bag vase1china eastern porcelain barf bag 1china eastern porcelain barf bags 2Thai tall barf bag vase1Thai tall barf bag vase2

The Short Vases (H/W/D: 13cm x 14cm x 7cm, Weight: 520g):
Thai airlines short porcelain barf bags 2Air Vietnam barf bag vases

The Bowls or Catch-Alls (H/W/D: 27.5cm x 10cm x 6.5cm, Weight:500 g):
china eastern porcelain barf catch-all1china eastern porcelain barf catch-all2china eastern porcelain barf catch-all3decorative air sickness catch-alls1decorative air sickness catch-alls2decorative air sickness catch-alls3

And yes, they are available for purchase. They are perfect for those who like handmade and unusual objects with a sense of humor.

Material: porcelain, screenprint

The Disposal series pieces shown here are available at Mano Design