Sharp & Blunt Pencil Sets Are The Complete Package.

Sharp & Blunt pencil sets

Beautifully boxed Sharp & Blunt pencil sets from the UK’s Urban Graphic are the complete package. Funny and well-designed, they’re as much a conversation piece as a writing tool.

Sharp & Blunt Pencil Sets

Sharp & Blunt pencil sets

I realize hardly anyone uses pencils anymore, but that doesn’t stop them from being popular. Pencil sets of all kinds can be found on etsy and in chic stationery stores. And these are some of the best.

procrastination storyteller and depressed pencil setsgangster and pick up lines pencil sets

Bristol based Designer Rob Hodgson used his own handwriting, illustrations and design to create these five funny and fabulous pencil sets and the packaging.

sharp & Blunt pencil set packaging1

Procrastination, Pick-Up Lines, Storyteller, Gangster and Depressed, each set contains six pencils upon which quotes are printed.

procrastination pencils cu IIHIHdepressed pencils cu IIHIHpick-up lines pencils cu IIHIHstoryteller pencils cu IIHIHganster pencils cu IIHIH

A sixth set was designed, Obey The Pencils, but it’s not on the Urban Graphic site, nor can I find them for sale anywhere:
obey the pencils set

Even the Point-of-Sale displays are nicely designed.


Available for purchase directly from Urban Graphic
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