Artist Brings Popular Memes To Life as 3D Pop-ups!

While paper craft artist Paul De Graaf can’t actually sell these terrific pop-up cards of some of the web’s most popular viral memes because of licensing issues, I can at least share with you some photos and videos from a fun compilation he’s presently working on titled the Popup Book of Memes project.

Popup Book of Memes project

With a growing number of followers on his instagram, Paul De Graaf, a paper engineer who goes by the online moniker PaperPaul, is getting attention for an art project in which he’s turned the web’s most popular memes into three-dimensional popups.

Paul’s very adept at at creating original pop-up cards and offers tutorials and a list of necessary tools to create your own on his youtube channel here.

Here’s an example of a tutorial (and a meme by artist Chibird) he turned into a DIY Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card:

For the Popup Book of Memes project Paul set to make a one-of-a-kind pop-up book that captured the beauty of memes in three dimensions. Handcrafted of paper, he’s mocked up too many to count and intends to include a select 30 pop-up memes in the final.

Below is a short compilation of some of his pop-up memes:

Shown below is the cover artwork in a mock-up. The background images in the text are photos of his original pop-up cards.


Here’s a video compilation of ALL the pop-up memes he’s created so far.

Some cards in the video above are rough first concepts. Paul says he will make sure to build final versions of those when they are picked as favorites by his followers.

Disclaimer: The Pop-up Book of memes and pop-up cards will NOT be for sale. This is a fair use art project.

Paul collaborated with the original artists to produce the following officially licensed cards available for purchase.

The This is fine card by K.C. Green
This is fine pop-up card IIHIH
available for purchase here

And the 100%Soft Dumpster Fire Pop-up Card:
dumpster fire pop-up card
available for purchase here

For more info and updates about the Popup Book Meme project, please visit Paper Paul

all images and videos courtesy of Paper Paul