Music CDs as Area Rugs from Curves by Sean Brown

Curves CD area rugs IIHIH

Need to hip up a room quickly and easily? Area rugs shaped like CDs by popular music artists will do the trick. These Curves CD Rugs by Sean Brown are fun, funky and for the most part, affordable.

Curves CD Rugs

jay-z cd rug sean brown IIHIH

Curves is described as an outpost of expression and contemporary homeware by Toronto-based designer Sean Brown. The brand which began as as a gallery event, carries home decor and design items inspired by Hip Hop culture.

Curves by sean brown
Photo: Brendan Ko for the New York Times

With Curves, the designer injects Black culture, Black Music and Black Art into his contemporary take on everyday objects. Making design accessible to the people who need to be introduced to design was another of his objectives.

sean brown cd rugs

Curve’s best selling item has been their CD Rugs, which come in various sizes and styles, each reflecting Sean’s personal favorites and most iconic albums.

In addition to the rugs, Curves carries several design objects, bedding, shower curtains, puzzles, candles and more.

CD Rugs
curves cd rugs

CD rugs in situe

lil kim hardcore cd rug

nerd cd rug

hand-tufted acrylic
W 35″ x L 35″ x D 0.78″
Dye-cut center
Cotton non-slip backing
Binded edges
Price (subject to change): $250.00, shop for them here

XL Handmade CD Rug
XL CD rug

daft punk xl cd rug

Kelis kaleidoscope CD rug

queen night at the opera XL CD rug

Hand tufted acrylic
W 96″ x 96″ x D 0.78″
Dye-cut center
Cotton non-slip backing
Binded edges
Price (subject to change): $2500.00, shop for these here

Homemade Compilation CD Rug
cool area rugs

cd compilation rug sean brown

A legacy can span decades, and in rare artistic cases a classic body of work is created more than once. This is one rug featuring five classic moments.
Hand tufted acrylic
W 10.87 x 10.87″ x D 0.78″
Dye-cut center(s) (x5)
Cotton non-slip backing
Binded edges
Price (subject to change): $1,650.00, buy it here

Half-Disc Floor Mat
half disc floor mat CD

floor mat music cd

made with rubber non-slip backing and die-cut center.
W 35″ x L 17.5″
Price (subject to change): $175.00, buy it here

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all images courtesy of Curves