PLEX’EAT Personal Dining Protection by Christophe Gernigon Studio

plexeat personal dining protection

This unusual time, when the entire world has been subject to confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has pushed some creative thinkers to devise innovative solutions to the problems we’ve been forced to face. One of those is the PLEX’EAT, a personal dining protection device conceived of by French designer and interior decorator Christophe Gernigon.

PLEX’EAT Personal Dining Protection

plexeat personal dining protection

pandemic prevention design solution

As the designer’s mind wandered during the night while under quarantine, he began to imagine a new way of providing a safe eating experience for those who desired to go out. He wanted to create a protection device that would have a tasteful aesthetic; an elegant alternative to some of the other concepts that guarantee social distancing at restaurants.

plexeat personal dining protection

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plex'eat christope gernigon

With this in mind he conceived of the PLEX’EAT creative concept: suspended oversized protective visors made of Plexiglas that would allow a customer to eat or drink without exposure to harmful viruses.

plexigas dining protection

plexeat plexiglass shield


plexeat personal dining protection

They may not be as fancy as the little glass greenhouses Amsterdam restaurant Mediamatic installed for social distancing, but they are a lot more affordable and easier to implement. Even if you do feel like you’re eating through a salad bar sneeze guard.

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