Burger King’s Groovy New Identity Is A Throwback To The ’70s

Burger King's Groovy New Identity

Burger King has just launched an overhaul of the fast food chain’s visual identity. The new logo is almost identical to their 1969 and 1994 logo designs with accompanying packaging and store signage that harken back to the 1970’s. To the days of fonts named Balloon, Hot Dog and Pump. Of colors like burnt orange and golden ochre. We are loving the new groovy look however we can’t help but wonder how it’s going to age. What do you think? Read more

PLEX’EAT Personal Dining Protection by Christophe Gernigon Studio

plexeat personal dining protection

This unusual time, when the entire world has been subject to confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has pushed some creative thinkers to devise innovative solutions to the problems we’ve been forced to face. One of those is the PLEX’EAT, a personal dining protection device conceived of by French designer and interior decorator Christophe Gernigon. Read more

US Taco Co and Urban Tap Room, A Taco Bell Spin-Off for Foodies.

us taco co hero IIHIH
Launching this summer in Southern California’s Huntington Beach is a new fast food Mexican restaurant with a menu of tacos designed to spotlight chef-designed flavor combinations. Although Taco Bell Chief Executive Greg Creed says U.S. Taco Co and Urban Tap Room is not a Taco Bell spin-off, the new chain is owned by the popular Irvine-based fast-food chain. With a menu designed to appeal to those with a more sophisticated palate than the average Dorito taco-shell craving consumer, the new upscale Mexican fast-food restaurant includes a lineup of 10 tacos and daily chalkboard specials. Read more