First Funky Find Of 2015: Phallic Faucets, Hardware and Barware.

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I was not searching for these phallic faucets, hardware and barware. I accidentally came across this site which was chock block full of cock when I was looking for unusual cast metal door handles. You can imagine my surprise when I found these hand-crafted, metal cast, finely finished, penis-shaped faucets, fittings, light switches, bottle openers barware, bookends and more.

Phallic Faucets, Hardware and Barware

Phillips Personals of Rhode Island states on their website that their mission is to celebrate the penis as high art. They have done so by casting the male member in bronze and chrome, with various finishes, as both hardware and home decor as well as for the bar. Perfect for gay establishments, man caves, bachelorette parties and the like. These items are not cheap, as they are well made and heavy.

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