Artist Rex Ray for B+N Industries: Fabulous Wall Panels and Furniture

Rex Ray for B+N Industries

Artist Rex Ray has collaborated with B+N Industries, makers of interior decor and furniture for both retail and private sectors. The contemporary artist’s abstract, colorful and retro-futuristic work makes for some very captivating wall panels and a new line of wood furniture.

Rex Ray for B+N Industries

B+N Industries has added the inimitable talent of contemporary S.F. artist Rex Ray into the lines of their Infused Veneer™ Panels, carved relief Iconic Panels™ and a new line of wood furniture. Rex Ray’s feel for wood grain, pattern, and shape melds perfectly with the warmth and graphic quality of the exclusive product lines from B&N. Whether used in retail, hospitality, or contract applications, this collection will be sure to bring an impactful and individualistic feel to any interior.

Infused Veneer™ is a collection of panels from B&N Industries. This revolutionary product infuses imagery and graphics on to various wood species veneers, such as maple, cherry, and walnut. These 48″ x 96″ architectural panels can be used as decorative walls, display walls, in fixtures, and can utilize any of their panel-based merchandising product, such as the Puck™ System.

Infused Veneer panels in the Type and Ovals pattern in cherry:
Rex Ray wood Infused-TypeAndOvals IIHIH

Infused Veneer panels in the Arches and Bumps pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray Wood Infused-ArchesAndBumps IIHIH

Infused Veneer panels in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray wood Infused-EllipseAndWaves IIHIH

Iconic Panels™ are created using an innovative process of formed laminate over a carved wood core. Incredibly durable and easy to clean, they can be sawn, nailed, screwed, glued, or simply mounted on walls with B&N’s special Panel Cleats. Iconic Panels can also be outfitted with any of B+N’s shelving and accessory hardware; they suggest outfitting them with their Puck™ System.

Iconic Panels in the Stones pattern:
Rex Ray Panels_Iconic_Stones IIHIH

Iconic Panels in the Ellipses pattern:
Rex ray Panels_Iconic_Ellipses_IIHIH

Iconic Panels in the Arches pattern:
Rex Ray Panels_Iconic_Arches_IIHIH

Rex Ray’s colorful patterns on wood furnishings such as credenzas, tables and benches make for useful and attractive elements in retail or private establishments.

The plinth table in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:
Rex Ray Plinth table IIHIH

The open and closed credenzas in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray Credenzas IIHIH

The nesting tables in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray Nesting benches IIHIH

The cubes set in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray Cubes IIHIH

The bench in the Ellipses and Waves pattern in cherry:

Rex Ray Flat Bench IIHIH

B+N Industries items are only available to the trade. Learn more here.

About the Artist:
about rex ray image IIHIH

The artwork of San Francisco-based artist Rex Ray ranges from collages on paper, paintings on canvas and resin to digital work. His abstract and colorful patterns have a retro-futuristic feel and have been featured in museums, galleries, hip restaurants, boutique hotels and retail establishments. Whether on a book cover, CD covers, rock posters or wallpaper, his work is almost always identifiable. He’s created a wide range of custom projects for Apple, Dreamworks, Flavor Paper, and Swatch, to name a few.

rex ray wrap 3 IIHIH
above:my own image of the stunning gift wrap he designed for Apple computers in 2002. I still have both unopened rolls

Ray’s work is made entirely by hand. The collages are made with hand-painted and printed papers hand cut with scissors. His work combines a mid-century modern aesthetic with psychedelic color palette and shapes. Ray is known for popularizing the use of high-gloss resin panels – encasing his colorful, graphic collage designs in a gorgeous glossy layer of resin.

Ray’s collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and museums, including The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Jose Museum of Modern Art, The Crocker Museum in Sacramento, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. He is represented by Gallery 16 in San Francisco, California; Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Conduit Gallery in Dallas, Texas; and NYC.
Rex Ray

B+N Industries

all images copyright and courtesy of B+N Industries and Rex Ray