Schick Uses Animal Beards That Need Taming to Promote Their Hydro Groomer.

Schick Animal Beards

A fun print campaign for Schick by Y&R New Zealand, “Free Your Skin” features men with animals as beards to convey the message that a man’s beard needs taming or it will become a living creature.

Schick Animal Beards

The latest creative effort is part of a campaign for its new Hydro Groomer.

The men were photographed by Troy Goodall, the animals were photographed by Stephen Stewart and the two were digitally composited together.


Schick Animal Beards

Schick Animal Beards close up

The final ads as compared with the initial comps:

Electric Art who did the compositing (as shown in in the video below) says “We loved the concept of this brief & knew it had the potential to look amazing. Several test comps were done initially to explore the size, type, colour & position of the animal. We settled on a mixture of ferrets for the limbs, face & tail & rabbits for the softer fuller fur of the body. The agency street cast an awesome range of hipsters & Troy worked his magic shooting the selected talent in Auckland. Stephen did a great job shooting the furry critters matching the portrait lighting & posing the animals to match our rough comps. Our menagerie consisted of 6 ferrets & 9 rabbits, all various colours. The rabbits were the best looking of the bunch although the ferrets had all the personality & a rather.. unique.. smell about them. A million furry captures later & we had a fantastic bank of material. The rough comp was remade in high res with input from the creatives & Troy. A super challenging deadline was made achievable thanks to an awesome team effort! “

agency: Y&R new zealand
executive CD: josh moore
associate CD: tom paine
art director: mark tallis
copywriter: cam dowsett
senior account manager: mike keen
agency head producer: christina hazard
agency producer: marique knight
talent photography: troy goodall
animal photography: stephen stewart

Images courtesy of Schick NZ Facebook page