Period Puns and Menstrual Mayhem Make For Awesome Undies & Boyshorts!

period panties and boyshorts

Playing off of horror films and trendy icons with double entendres and puns, Period Panties (and the new Boyshort editions) are a line of edgy illustrated undies that turn crampy into campy.

Harebrained Period Panties

shark week front cu on model
shark week back cu on model

What began as a joke turned into a Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised $404,763  in March 2014 to produce the Period Panties by Harebrained Design.

menstrual mayhem period panties
Boyshorts now available, too.
boyshorts examples IIHIH

With illustrations by Anthony Hall, the panties and boyshorts have fun with popular movies, characters and euphemisms. Scenes or characters from blood-laden movies as Carrie, Rambo,The Shining, Tomb Raider and Friday the 13th are hilariously rendered for the collection. Blood-sucking icons such as Dracula, Zombies, Sharks and Evil Beavers can be found. Even Grumpy Cat (as Crampy Cat), Aunt Flo, Captain Redbeard, and Wonder Woman (Wonder Womban) make appearances.

Shark Week:
shark week
Sour Puss:
sour puss
Surfing The Crimson Wave:
surfing the crimson wave
Camp Blood:
welcome to camp blood
Womb Raider:
womb raider
Wonder Womban:
Rainbo First Blood:
Rainbo First Blood
Aunt Flo:
aunt flo
Bleeder of The Pack:
bleeder of the pack
Call of the Cunthulu:
call of the cunthulu
Captain Redbeard:
captain redbeard
Crime Scene:
crime scene
Crotching Tiger:
crotching tiger
Cunt Dracula:
cunt dracula
Curse of Blood:
curse of blood (Carrie)
Dawn of the Red:
dawn of the red
Evil Beaver:
evil beaver
Bloody Hell:
bloody hell
No Baby Shower:
No baby shower IIHIH

Shop for the Period Panties
The 95% cotton & 5% elastane illustrated panties are made in China and available to purchase here

New Boyshorts
Now, with their second Kickstarter project already funded despite some time left to go (the fundraiser ends on July 4th), boy short versions of the period panties will soon be available!

Boyshort editions on white IIHIH

About Harebrained:
harebrained logo

Illustrator and designer Anthony Hall founded the Chicago-based Harebrained in 2008. Now, along with Operations Manager Cole Cooney and Sales and Events Coordinator Amanda Barber, the trio is best known for their line of menstrual themed undies but have plenty of other fun products in the works.

amanda, anthony and cole harebrained

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