Window Artist Invites Others Around The World To Do The Same

pejac window project

With pretty much everyone on the planet stuck indoors during this Pandemic, people are coming up with creative and interesting ways to connect with one another. In this case Spain’s Pejac, who believes that everyone has an artist within, has encouraged others to join him in a worldwide window show of creativity.

Pejac Window Art Project

Pejac Window Art Project

On lockdown in Madrid, Pejac recently revived his old concept of miniature window drawings interacting with the life outside as a way to fulfill his vital need to create.

pejac window art

Moved by the fact that half of the world is also confined to their living space, Pejac decided to launch an initiative on his social media. Through his #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC campaign, he is inviting people to join, explore their creativity, and make urban art from the safety of their homes by using the life outside as a source of inspiration and rich backdrop for the work.

pejac window art

“I always believed that everyone has an artist hidden inside and that if you give them a good reason they are capable of doing wonderful things, and in these strange days of global lockdown, I believe that creativity can be one of the best therapies to fight anxiety and boredom.” -PEJAC

With these words, Spanish artist Pejac has invited the worldwide audience to grab their pens, brushes, papers, and scissors, and join him in building a monumental opus of urban art from home.

Submissions from around the world
After only a few days the response of the public has been overwhelming with literally hundreds of submissions being sent in from more than 50 countries worldwide and counting.

Germany window art @urbanart360

Reaching places all over Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, Iran, India, Brazil, etc, the initiative is poetically standing up to the spreading of the virus. Having a new, simple way to play and create as well as capture and share this unique historic moment seems to be providing participants the feeling of a common shelter from otherwise tough and complex reality.

italy window art

England window art @smythmr

france window art @lhr_julien

window art by @cantonik13

UK window art

turkey window art @muhammed_abazid

spain window art

Please don’t be shy! Try your own window art and add your contribution tagging it with #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC