25 of The Best Coronavirus-Inspired Murals From All Over The World

coronavirus inspired murals

These Coronavirus-Inspired Murals are proof that the Coronavirus Pandemic and the resulting “Stay at Home” orders are not without their upside. The bear population in Yosemite has quadrupled, noise pollution is down, the air in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo is cleaner than ever and even the waters, now undisturbed, are clearer. In addition to those temporary benefits, the Covid-19 virus has inspired street artists all over the world to paint.

Coronavirus-Inspired Murals

Lionel Stanhope mural
Artist Lionel Stanhope; Ladywell, south-east London

The murals depicting images and messages to stay home, wash your hands and more are permeating the streets of just about every city, big or small. Here are 25 we thought worth sharing.

Artist Theydrift;  Seattle, Washington
copenhagen Andreas Welin aka welinoo
Artist Andreas Welin aka Welinoo; Copenhagen
artist Pøbel
Artist Pøbel; Norway
EME Freethinker mural in Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany photo Abdulhamid Hosbas Anadolu Agency Getty Images
Artist EME Freethinker; Mauerpark, Berlin
Artist unknown; Milan, Italy (photo Andrea Fasani EPA)
Artist unknown; Milan, Italy (photo Andrea Fasani EPA)
street artist Kobra mural
Artist Kobra; São Paulo, Brazil
RBS Crew Artist Collective Dakar
RBS Crew Artist Collective; on a high school in Dakar, Senegal
RBS CREW senegal high school mural
RBS Crew Art Collective; on a high school in Dakar, Senegal
TV boy coronavirus mural
Artist Tvboy; Milan, Italy
The Rebel Bear covid mural
Artist The Rebel Bear; Glasgow, Scotland
Corie Mattie art
Artist Corie Mattie; Los Angeles, CA
Nello Petrucci, italy
Artist Nello Petrucci; Pompei, Italy
Lacuna covid art Berlin
Artist Lacuna; Berlin, Germany
stay home mural athens greece
Artist s.f.; Athens, Greece
FAKE street artist Amsterdam
Artist FAKE; Amsterdam
artist Ponywave Venice beach mural
Artist Ponywave; Venice Beach, CA
street artist hijack Los Angeles
Artist Hijack; Los Angeles, CA
stay home life is beautiful mural
Artist Unknown; Los Angeles, CA
prince harry keep calm and wash hands
Artist Unknown; Los Angeles, CA
Gnasher, Royston, UK mural
Artist Gnasher; Royston, Hertfordshire, UK
Artist Unknown; London, England
Rasmus Balstrøm mural
Denmark Artist Rasmus Balstrøm; Los Angeles, CA
Hajogyar Island, Budapest mural
Artist unknown; Hajogyar Island, Budapest
Artist unknown, Brescia hospital in Italy
Artist unknown; A Thank you to Healthcare workers painted on the side of Brescia Hospital, Italy

Images courtesy of various photographers for Getty Images, AP images and Individual artists’ Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.