Dark Cookies with a Dark Sense of Humor (and Great Design)

pechkeks misfortune cookies

Other companies offer fortune cookies with not so fortunate messages inside them, but it’s the black cookie, fabulous package design and stylish branding that make Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies the hippest on the market.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies

dark fortune cookies

With fabulous illustrations and trendy design, the German-based Pechkecks, already a hit in their homeland, launched their Misfortune Cookies earlier this year in the UK and online. Tasty, cool-looking cookies feature thousands of bad forecasts and black humor for a perfectly terrible day.

package design

pechkeks misfortune cookies dark humor

The artwork and overall aesthetic is terrific. Scratchy black and white illustrations of evil teddy bears, little devils, gnash-toothed monsters and black cats adorn the boxes and individual bags:

pechkeks misfortune cookies packaging

pechkeks misfortune cookies branding

And their four-packs are fabulously packaged:
pechkeks misfortune cookies

pechkeks misfortune cookies

They sell tees and tote bags with many of these company mascots as well. Even Voodoo dolls, skulls, black cats and other dark magic iconography appears in their fun branding.

Images of their booth at the NEC Birmingham trade show:
booth at NEC Birmingham


Brutally honest and mercilessly funny, the misfortune cookies can be sold as a box of 13 (of course) or individually wrapped. They make a great gift for just about anyone. Bring them to the next dinner party you attend.


This is some of the best, most consistent branding we’ve ever seen. Follow them on Instagram at @pechkeks

Shop online (for both English versions and German versions) here