The Anytime Ale 99-Pack Promotes Austin Beerworks’ Peacemaker.

The Anytime Ale 99-pack

Austin Beerworks has released The Anytime Ale 99-pack, a gargantuan rectangular case that hold 99 cans of the craft brewery’s Peacetime. The world’s first and only 99-pack, the over 7 foot long container holds 82 pounds of craft beer and costs $99.

Anytime Ale 99-Pack

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Of the four beers brewed by Austin Beerworks, Peacemaker was anticipated to be the best-seller. Three years later Peacemaker was selling strong, but wasn’t the group frontrunner as expected. Drinkers were confused by the “extra pale” classification: was the beer extra hoppy, or extra light? So the Helms Workshop and Austin Beerworks decided to rename the beer Anytime Ale and launch it in the brand’s first official ad campaign.

beer-peacemaker-on white

To launch the newly-named brew, the Helms Workshop proposed the idea of using Peacemaker (the very first craft beer from Austin Beerworks) to introduce the brewery’s first multi-pack. But with a beer that’s perfect Anytime, they figured drinkers will want to keep more than a 12-pack on-hand. So they created the world’s first and only 99-Pack.

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anytime 99 beer pack

Billboards, print, point-of-purchase advertising, brand merchandise and a microsite round out the campaign:
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anytime beer branded items
microsite for anytime ale

Launched in late August, word has spread quickly and the viral nature of the packaging has landed the brewery on the front page of Reddit. Unfortunately, the 99-packs (of which there are only 99) are exclusively available in Austin, Texas. They went on sale at Austin retailers on Thursday, August 28th.

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