Hermes Baseball Glove and Bat Are Priced Out Of The Park at $16,000

Hermes Baseball Glove and Bat

Ever wonder what a $14,100 baseball glove looks like? Or a $2000 bat? I did. So now I’m gonna show you.

The Homerun mitt and bat by french luxury brand Hermes are not to be left out in the dugout. Requiring 25 hours of hand stitching and finishing, the gold swift calfskin glove, stamped in metallic ink with “Hermes, Paris, Made in France” will cost you $14,100 (without tax or shipping).

Homerun Glove
hermes homerun glove1 IIHIH
hermes homerun glove2 IIHIH
hermes homerun glove3 IIHIH
hermes homerun glove cu IIHIH
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Homerun Bat
The Homerun baseball bat by Hermes is made of Ash Wood with a gold swift calfskin grip and is priced at $1,925.00 (also without tax or shipping costs)
hermes homerun ash wood bat IIHIH
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