Passionate, Poignant and Personal – The Portrait Photography of Heward Jue.

Heward Jue began his career as an advertising art director, creating campaigns for some of the most visible brands in the country. He developed a keen interest in photography while working with photographers on commercial productions. “It became clear to me that the camera was a very powerful tool for not only bringing my advertising ideas to life, but for expressing my personal view of the world.” says Heward.

Photography of Heward Jue

Eager to define that vision, Heward developed a love affair with travel and a passion for travel portraiture. His favorite subjects are children. “They are always the most generous in spirit, and remind me of the beauty of simplicity.”

above: Photographer Heward Jue with friend (photo by Wayne Kittleson)

Jue is one of those photographers who not only has the eye needed for the fundamentals; composition, lighting, contrast and subject matter – but also has the uncanny ability to get his subjects to relax and reveal their true selves without trepidation. This is evident in the eyes, the smiles and the well-worn lines in the faces of his beautiful subjects.

I found it hard to edit his work down to less than 20 images because each image has captured a unique emotion and had a profound effect on me. I bet you will feel the same.

heward jue photography

Heward has photographed for clients and organizations such as Visa, Charles Schwab, The United Way, Asante Africa Foundation, as well as a controversial and award-winning campaign for The Breast Cancer Fund. Some of his celebrity subjects include legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt, Destiny’s Child, Kevin Bacon, Mandy Moore and Tony Hawk. Heward currently divides his time between freelance photography and art direction.

above: Heward Jue, at work. Photo by Erna Grasz

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