The Pairi Daiza Zoo Resort Lets You Share Your Room With Animals.

pairi daiza zoo resort

We know that zoos are very controversial. As animal lovers we’re not really comfortable seeing any animals caged. That said, some zoos have a better reputation than others when it comes to accommodations for the animals. One of these is Pairi Daiza, a privately owned zoo and botanical garden located in Belgium that offers overnight accommodations to let you get up and close and personal with the animals.

Pairi Daiza Zoo Resort

Pairi Daiza is home to 7,000 animals, including numerous endangered species that are housed in the Jardin des Mondes as part of protection and breeding programs for endangered species. The 173 acre zoo has been awarded Europe’s Best Zoo several years in a row by such organizations as Michelin Green Guide and Trip Advisor.

baby and polar bear

One of the most interesting things about Pairi Daiza is that it’s also a resort. They have onsite accommodations built into the various territories of the zoo that give you either a face-to-face view of the animals or an overhead view from your room’s window.

polar bear saying hi pairi daiza resort

You may have heard about the recent controversy surrounding the newly opened Polar Bear Hotel in Harbin China where the rooms are designed to face a Polar Bear habitat. But it’s hardly a habitat. Instead it’s an enclosed small space and the poor Polar bears are indoors all day, never able to roam in nature. Pairi Daiza is nothing like that.

white bear habitat outside2
The polar Bears at Pairi Daiza have a large outdoor habitat that allows them to roam free and swim up to your room if they so desire.

At the Pairi Daiza Zoo Resort you get watch Bears, Siberian Tigers, Polar Bears, Penguins, Sea Lions and Walruses all frolic in habitats designed to be as close to those in the wild as possible.

happy polar bear

The resort includes various styles of accommodations including the 18-room Paddlington Hotel, The Paddlington Lodges and wooden homes in the Native Village.

The 18 room Paddlington Hotel and the Paddlington Lodges
The 18 room Paddlington Hotel and the Paddlington Lodges
Native Village accommodations at the zoo
Native Village accommodations at the zoo

But it’s the more immersive experiences in the The Full Moon Lodge, The Tiger House, The Polar Bear House, The Penguin House and The Walrus House that are the most coveted. These are cabin-like houses with ‘face-to-face’ rooms located on the ground level or water level so you have a view of the animals via a large picture window and vice versa.

The Full Moon Lodge has two bedrooms and puts you at face-to-face level with bears and wolves:

bear at full moon lodge
full moon lodge bedroom

All of the accommodations can sleep anywhere from four to six people and are decorated cozily with a combination of natural materials, soft fabrics and fake fur.

The Polar Bear House:
view from polar bear house
pairi daiza polar bear house
inside polar bear house

You can take a virtual tour of the Polar Bear House here.

Each has a window seat to sit and admire the wonderful view. The lighting has a choice of settings, making it easy to give your room the perfect atmosphere while making the most of the view outside.

The Walrus House:
the walrus house
walrus at window

pairi daiza walrus house

The Penguin House:
penguin house pairi daiza resort
sleeping with penguins

The Tiger House:
The Tiger house at belgium zoo
Tiger house room

The bathrooms in all the houses are elegantly appointed with white fittings, Carrara marble surfaces and antiqued gold hardware.

bathroom pairi daiza resort

agate bathroom sink

Included with the immersive stay in either the Zoo’s Last Frontier or Land Of The Cold, is free wi-fi, parking for hotel guests, free family breakfast, an evening meal and a welcome gift.

Pairi Daiza is located in Wallonia, in Brugelette, province of Hainaut.

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all images courtesy of Pairi Daiza.