Paintings of The Stahl House and Pool by Carrie Graber

Paintings of The Stahl House and Pool

When I first learned of the talented Carrie Graber, I got so excited by her artwork, I wrote an overly ambitious post featuring so many paintings of hers it was overwhelming. So I since decided to break it into two posts. This is the second half and it focuses on her paintings of The famous Stahl House and Pool.

Paintings of The Stahl House and Pool

In this series by Graber, Case #22, paintings of the famous Pierre Koenig Hollywood Hills’ Stahl House and pool, she’s captured the interior and exterior of the home in day, dusk and at night. You’ll notice her iconic sole female subject is present in some of the paintings.

Case Study painting #8
carrie graber art

Stahl House at Night 24″ x 32″
stahl house at night

Stahl House Pool (S/N) 36″ x 21″
stahl house pool

Compliments for Complements, 23″ x 32″
carrie graber on if it's hip, it's here

Night Captures Light, 18″ x 28″
paintings of stahl house

Like Pink Lemonade,  27″ x 36″
pink lemonade, stahl house art

Case Study Painting #6
case study painting

Hush, Dusk, 21″ x 30″
contemporary artists

Cobalt Abstract, 30″ x 40″
midcentury modern architecture in art

Drifting Through Light, Stahl House, 27″ x 36″
realism paintings

Warm Concrete, Cool Rosé 27″ x 36″
Artist Carrie Graber

At the End of the Day 17″ x 38″

Glass Slivers 28″ x 40″
paintings of MCM homes

At top:
Stahl House, 36″ x 27″
Paintings of The Stahl House and Pool

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