Indoor Gardens from ēdn Take Care of Themselves.

indoor gardens by edn

With the SmallGarden and the WallGarden from ēdn, not only can you grow beautiful gardens indoors but you needn’t worry about their care. That’s because the gardens are technologically designed to provide your plants, flowers and herbs with the right amount of light, moisture and food – all at the push of a button.

Indoor Gardens from ēdn

Indoor Gardens from ēdn

The tabletop SmallGarden and the wall-mounted WallGarden from ēdn are two different planters that don’t need dirt or soil to grow fresh herbs, vegetables or flowers. Instead they use dirt-free seed pods, automated lighting and a little water. Aesthetically they are beautifully designed, technologically they can help those who lack a green thumb.

The Products
The SmallGarden

The SmallGarden is a tabletop container made of sustainable wood which can grow 12 individual plants with the included plant tray or microgreens with the capillary mat.

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The plant tray uses the brands own dirt-free seed pods. Just plop them in the tray, add a little water and the provided plant food to the reservoir (using the provided pitcher), plug the puppy in and… voila! The SmallGarden’s automated LED lights provide your plants with the light spectrum your greens need to thrive while sensors determine your plants’ ideal moisture level.

The SmallGarden comes with the following:
• 12V Power Adapter
• Seed liner, tray, and humidity dome
• 12 SeedPods
• Plant Food
• 100 Starter Seeds (basil!)*
• Water Pitcher

*You can also use your own seeds. Soon you can purchase a variety of premium seeds from their website.

Manufactured from sustainably-harvested wood from Oregon and extruded aluminum from Texas, the SmallGarden is built to the highest quality and design standards. Each unit is carefully handcrafted and assembled in Denver, Colorado.

Price $199 (subject to change). Buy it here

The WallGarden

The WallGarden is an attractive and intelligent indoor garden that allows you to grow up to 14 herbs, vegetables, and flowers simultaneously.Made of fine wood and aluminum, it takes only minutes to assemble.

The WallGarden is WiFi-enabled and their app guides you through every step. Plants are watered automatically, without any user input. Each shelf is a reservoir of life-sustaining food and water that is circulated throughout the WallGarden. The LED lights provide a full spectrum of light to the plants and the WallGarden serves up all natural plant food like nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium into the water system where it is absorbed by the plants.

The app helps you to keep an eye on all aspects of the growing process and because the WallGarden can automatically sense the local temperature, the app lets you know when it might be too hot or cold for your plants to thrive.

The health of each plant is measured and managed automatically – adjusting lighting and feeding for the best results. You’ll only need to refill the water every other week. That means you can actually leave town for up to two weeks without worrying about coming home to dead plants.

Like the SmallGarden, there’s no need to get your hands dirty as the plants don’t need any fertilizer or soil. The reservoir of the Wallgarden is anti-microbial and is dishwasher safe.

No mess, no runoff, no weeds, and no pests.

The WallGarden comes with:
• Light Shelf
• Plant Reservoir Shelf
• Adjustable Spine
• Mounting Bracket (Screws and Level Included)
• White Power Cord
• 14 Different Seed Pods
• 100 Starter Seeds (basil!)*

*You can also use your own seeds. Soon you can purchase a variety of premium seeds from our website.

The WallGarden is designed as a large scale version of the SmallGarden, enabling users to grow more plants, while enjoying the beauty of living art. The WallGarden is currently in development with ongoing engineering and testing in process. You can sign up here to keep updated on the WallGarden.

The company’s mission statement:
At ēdn, we are on a mission to change the way the world grows and consumes food.

We build products at the confluence of art, nature, and technology – that help users grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and even flowers – right in the comfort of their home, all year around, at the push of a button.

We use NASA technology and world-class design to ensure plants are happy and healthy, and you can enjoy the freshest foods.

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