One Fish, Two Fish, Glass Fish, Gold Fish. New Shoal Lights From Scabetti.

Scabetti Shoal Lights

I introduced you to Dominic Bromley and his stunning lamps for Scabetti way back in 2007. Since then, his beautiful Shoal light made of fine bone china fish that seem to be suspended as swimming in a school (hence the name) has expanded into a line that includes various sizes, custom versions and even special new editions such as glass and gold.

Scabetti Shoal Lights

Scabetti Shoal Lights - gold detail
Scabetti Shoal Lights - glass detail
Scabetti Shoal Lights -bone china detail

Fine Bone China Shoal lights:
A mass of fine bone china fish carrying delicate sculpted detail, circle a central beam of light, creating a captivating cylindrical form. Each fish is lit not only by reflected light from its neighbours but also from within, with the light passing through the delicate translucent china body.

Shoal 64– made with 64 fine bone china fish.
size: 35cm (14″) diameter, 20cm (8″) tall
Bone China Shoal light

Shoal 186– made with 186 fine bone china fish.
size: 50cm / 20” diameter, 85cm / 33″ tall
Bone China Shoal lights from Scabetti

Shoal 284– made with 284 fine bone china fish.
size: 50cm / 20” diameter, 120cm / 47” tall
Scabetti bone china fish shoal chandeliers

Shoal 798– made with 708 fine bone china fish
size: 75cm / 29.5” diameter, 175cm / 69” tall:
Shoal light and detail

Shoal 1672– made with 1672 fine bone china fish.
size: 1.5m / 59″ diameter, 2m / 79″ tall
Scabetti Shoal light and detail
close-up of bone china fish in the Shoal light
shoal light in situ

Each Shoal is available in glazed or un-glazed fine bone china as well as in various sizes. Each fish is 16cm, (6”), long.

Custom sizes available, too:
custom Shoal light
Shoal light in situ
Shoal lights in restaurant

Recent addition
Shoal Glass 386- made with 386 glass fish
size: 750mm (2.95\”) diameter, 850mm (3.35\”) tall
(the Glass shoal is also be available in other sizes)
Shoal light in glassShoal light in glass, detail

Special edition
A limited edition (ten) of the iconic Shoal light sculpture, made with one hundred and eighty six fine bone china fish plated in twenty four carat gold.
24ct gold coating on 186 fine bone china fish and 24ct gold plated suspension frame and lines.
size: 50cm (20”) diameter, 85cm (33″) tall
special edition Shoal light in goldspecial edition Shoal light in gold, detail

To place an order or request a price list please contact Scabetti directly via:
t: +44 (0) 1538 371 471
e: [email protected]

13 Town Yard,
Station Street, Leek,
Staffordshire, ST13 8BF. England.

Gallery address (open by appointment only)
30 Stockwell Street,
Leek, ST13 6DS.