Notel Melbourne: Six Airstream Trailers As Rooftop Accommodations

Notel Melbourne Australia

Notel Melbourne has just opened and doesn’t want to be called a hotel or glamping. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a fun new place to stay in Australia made up of six customized, enhanced and well-appointed vintage chrome Airstream trailers parked on a rooftop in Melbourne.

Notel Melbourne Airstream Accommodations

The Concept
airstream hotel

Take six vintage U.S. 1970’s 31ft standard chrome Airstream trailers, ship them to Australia and outfit them to include large full height showers. Add premium Aura brand bedding and towels; complimentary toiletries, a bar fridge stocked with free local craft beer, bubbly and goodies. Now take all six caravans, put them high up on a carpark’s rooftop in Melbourne, give each its own outdoor deck with free wi-fi and Bam! unique boutique accommodations called Notel.

The Ambiance
australia airstream hotel

Notel rooftop hotel australia

The building that serves as the backdrop for the rooftop was painted by artist Ash Keating

by artist ash keating:

The Technology
Utilizing today’s technology, the Airstream Caravans at Notel each need a smartphone with bluetooth to check in and to function as the key to unlock your trailer.

airtream caravans melbourne

An iPad with free wi-fi and complimentary Netflix serves as your concierge.

Inside The Suites
airstream trailer hotel rooftop

notel hotel

airstream trailer hotel


Each of the suites has a queen sized bed with premium linens, bedding and towels by Aura.

Private bathroom with a pink full height shower.

Washbasin by Abey Australia and complimentary toiletries.

A bar fridge stocked with goodies.

Each features its own deck which opens onto a communal area.

The most coveted of the six caravans, The Airstream With Benefits, includes its own open air Saphire Spa tub and secluded private deck that sits front and center, overlooking Melbourne’s famous Flinders Lane.

Branding and Design

Branding and design are a big part of the overall aesthetic and kudos to Melbourne’s branding, communication and design firm Self-titled. They created the website, the business cards and art-direction for Notel, with photos by Andrew Curtis.

The Notel website, designed by Melbourne agency Self-titled.

The foil, die cut business cards, designed by Melbourne agency Self-titled.

An all year round affair, heating and cooling is via individual split system to keep you comfortable.

Things You Should Know:
• You will need a smartphone with bluetooth.
• No smoking is allowed on the premises or in the Airstream trailers.
• There’s free wi-fi and they have an iPad Pro with complimentary Netflix for your use.
• If you need a blow dryer, bring your own.
• No cooking facilities onsite (but lots of local eateries).
• You cannot bring your own alcohol but some is provided.
• Parking your car at Fry’s Fast Park is free of charge for NOTEL guests but check with the attendants on the opening hours as the car park is all valet.

The Notel is also a venue that can be booked for private parties, premieres, etc.
Visit their site for more information and booking.

images and information courtesy of Notel and Self-Titled