A Hipster Nativity Set So The Millennials Can Relate

the hipster nativity set

If the birth of Jesus took place today, it would be a far cry from the historical tale as yesterday’s youth knows it. There’d be a Nav system to guide the Wise Men to Bethlehem, the actual birth would be “live’ on Facebook and Tweets from the manger would be posted live.

Hipster Nativity Set

In the past I shared with you some wildly modern and minimalistic Nativity sets. This one has a different take on that. It’s a contemporary version as opposed to a modern one, and it’s hilarious.

hipster nativity set

The Hipster Nativity Set makes perfect sense for today’s Millennials. They can relate to a Man-bunned Joseph taking a selfie and a Starbucks-toting Mary.

modern joseph and mary nativity

funny nativity sets

The three wise men arrive on Segways bearing gifts for the Lord from Amazon.

modern nativity three wise men

hipster nativity set if it's hip it's here

And the farm animals with whom Baby Jesus shares the stable (which is solar-powered) are undoubtedly grass fed and free-range.

modern nativity scene

nativity satire

nativity set parody

The Hipster Nativity set was available for purchase with a limit of 3 per customer for $129.99 when this was posted. It is no longer being made, but there are still some out there for sale. Sometimes you can find one on ebay. If you got one, consider yourself lucky. We get requests for them all the time!

A big thanks to the fabulous Bill Bowersock for bringing this to my attention.

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