New Kansas Whiskey Targets Hipsters With A Non-Redneck / Anti-Geezer Approach.

kansas spirit whiskey targets hipsters

If you thought that whiskey drinkers don overalls, sit on the front porch and whittle or wear flannel driving caps and roam the moors, Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey is attempting to dispel those images with the launch of their new “Spirit Whiskey.”

kansas whiskey for hipsters

With marketing materials designed for the trendy hipster and a bottle design that sports Aviano Sans Bold as their logotype, they are consciously branding themselves as the new young, modern alternative to old style labels, bottles and traditional Irish, American and Scottish whiskeys.

kansas whiskey ads

Fabulous American Beverages (yes, that’s FAB), the company behind Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey, was founded in 2009 by Paul Goldman – a TV commercial director who is an ex Deutsch Creative Director and TBWA copywriter. Goldman’s mission was to create whiskey that would appeal equally to men and women who typically enjoy vodka–a new whiskey for the new whiskey drinker. The result is Kansas Clean Distilled Spirit Whiskey, a clean, crisp whiskey that breaks new ground in the whiskey category, both in the way it’s created and in its startling approachability.

Kansas clean distilled whiskey

In the company’s words “Kansas is a new whiskey for new whiskey drinkers. It’s clean distilled to be light with a crisp finish, so it’s incredibly easy to enjoy. It is the only whiskey in existence that appeals in style and taste to women who would otherwise order vodka. And to men who wish to order something far more interesting than vodka with all the attitude of whiskey.”

Their Mission is stated as “Taking whiskey out of some cold, wet and damp peat bog and putting it into a hot, wet and damp dance club.”

In his rebuttal comment to a negative review of the whiskey on DrinkSpirits, Paul Goldman writes:

“Indeed our marketing makes fun of the stodginess of the entire category of other whiskies (sic). It should. Apart from a recent surge in Irish whiskey, (the result of a considerable spend), Whiskey is flat in sales and has been for 40 years. This has nothing to do with the delicious varieties of available whiskies (sic) and everything to do with their marketing people tripping behind their brands. Its not the liquid’s fault that we see whiskey associated with old things, old labels old style bottles –which keeps the audience for whiskey firmly planted in middle aged men. “

The press release:
Fabulous American Beverages, a new, independent beverage alcohol supplier, today announced the launch of its first brand, Kansas Spirit Whiskey.

Goldman, who has a background in marketing and advertising says: “I was in London at a bar with my wife. She ordered a vodka drink and I suggested she be more daring and order a whiskey. She replied that whiskey was for old men and it wasn’t cool. That was my call to action.”

Kansas Clean Distilled Spirit Whiskey begins with winter wheat which provides a softer alternative to the corn used in most American whiskey. And, unlike many whiskies (sic), Kansas is column distilled rather than pot distilled resulting in a spirit of flawlessly smooth character. The process is completed when this remarkably fresh spirit is married to premium aged whiskey.

Kansas Spirit Whiskey is new category of whiskey in taste as well–a bit of personality, yet enticingly clean and approachable. Goldman adds, “I wanted to get whiskey out of the middle-aged living room and onto the beach and into clubs, which is why Kansas is equally terrific on the rocks and in cocktails—and on any thumping dance floor.”

Kansas Spirit Whiskey launched last September in Kansas and Missouri with Glazer’s as the wholesaler in both markets. Savvy Drinks provides Fabulous American Beverages with brand management, marketing and public relations services. “We have a spectacularly experienced team in place and we’re excited to be with one of the foremost distributors in the country in our very first markets,” said Goldman. Kansas Spirit Whiskey will roll out in select markets over the next 12 months.

“I wanted to get whiskey out of the middle-aged living room and onto the beach and into clubs, which is why Kansas is equally terrific on the rocks and in cocktails—and on any thumping dance floor.” – Paul Goldman

The ingredients:

The whiskey begins with amber winter wheat. Unlike most whiskeys made from heavy grains like corn, barley or rye, wheat provides a lightness that gives Kansas its crisp, soft palate.

The distillation process:

They employ a column still. It’s the very same distillation process used in creating the world’s finest vodkas. They then marry this pure, clean distillate to their select, artisanal whiskey.

So, how does it taste? Most well-known liquor blog reviews (Drinkhacker, DrinkSpirits and cocktails365) claim the beverage tastes like a vanilla flavored vodka with a whiskey finish. And I simply must mention Dan Dunn’s hilarious post on the drink for Food Republic.

all images courtesy of Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey, Savvy drinks and Fabulous American Beverages.

But as with all things I write about, I suggest you try it and decide for yourself.

Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey