New Body Art From Emma Hack. Beautiful Women And A Look At Painting Them.

New Body Art From Emma Hack

Body painter Emma Hack recently completed and launched a new series called “Beautiful Women.” The “Housewife” and The “Oriental” were both created as a live installation in her Pop-Up Gallery in Adelaide.

New Body Art From Emma Hack

“The Housewife” series has been inspired by the stereotypical American housewife depicted in many films of the 50’s: her facade is polished and beautiful but, there is a hidden sadness to her posture and a yearning for a life of freedom and happiness.

“The Oriental” series clearly references the work of Vladimir Tretchikoff, in particular his “Chinese Girl” (1953). However in the hands of Hack, the subjects exude an inner strength, through their posture and demeanor. Again, the insertion of birds has been utilized to reference a yearning for freedom.

Vladimir Tretchikoff, “Chinese Girl” (1953)
above: Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl served as the inspiration for Emma’s Oriental

She painted two canvas backgrounds and two models for these new works and debuted them at her Collectors Dinner last month. As is the case with all her work, Emma paints both the backgrounds and the clothes you see on the models’ naked bodies.

The Housewife (3 versions):

The Oriental (4 versions):

Here’s a look at the works in progress.

The backdrop for “Housewife” in progress:

The final backdrop for  “Housewife”:


Painting the “Housewife”:

The backdrop for “Oriental” in progress:

The final backdrop for “Oriental”:


Painting the “Oriental”:

The Catherine Asquith Gallery in Melbourne will be showing her Beautiful Women series in from July 9th through July 27th.

all images courtesy of the artist

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