The Mercury Project: Dancers Painted Silver Form Ballet Imagery for the West Australian Ballet’s 2014 Program.

the mercury project

To celebrate its Season 2014 launch and Artistic Director Aurelien Scannella’s first year of programming, West Australian Ballet collaborated with Artist and Photographer Emma Hack to create a series of striking images for its 2014 program. Read more

New Body Art From Emma Hack. Beautiful Women And A Look At Painting Them.

New Body Art From Emma Hack

Body painter Emma Hack recently completed and launched a new series called “Beautiful Women.” The “Housewife” and The “Oriental” were both created as a live installation in her Pop-Up Gallery in Adelaide. Read more

Body Painting Artist Emma Hack Goes Pop!

pop art body painting

This is my third post on the jaw-dropping work of Australian body artist, Emma Hack . Read more

Some Serious Bodywork. Car Wreck Made Of 17 Painted Bodies by Emma Hack For Anti-Speeding Ad (and A Look Behind the Scenes).

Emma Hack Body Painting for Australia's Motor Accident Commission

Body painting illustrator /artist Emma Hack put her talents to work for MAC, South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission for an anti-speeding campaign. The billboard and internet ad, “Body Crash” features 17 humans painted to appear as a wrecked non-descript sedan and was conceived of by Clemenger BBDO, an Australia-based advertising agency. Read more

A Bald Artist Uses His Head As A Canvas: Meet James Kuhn

James Kuhn Head As Canvas
above: James Kuhn as Mr. T (note the doll’s arm stuck up his nose)

Self-described artist, drag queen, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy (hardly!) James Kuhn likes to paint his face. And I’m not just talking about a little gloss and guyliner. I’m talking complete transformations! In some cases he even adds doll parts, paper extensions and more. But there’s no sense in trying to describe it, you simply have to see his self-portraits. Read more

Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection

Emma hack body painting

We’ve seen body painting before. I’ve posted about well-known hand painter, Guido Daniele and the body painting of shoes on feet by Temptu. Read more