Glowing Prints of Street Art & Pop Icons by Octavian Mielu

Neon-Like Art Prints

These Neon-like art prints by Octavian Mielu is a graphic artist from Bucharest, Romania who has taken the work of street artists and pop culture icons and digitally turned them into neon-like art prints that look like real neon sculpture.

Neon-Like Art Prints

Neon-Like Art Prints

neon-like art prints

From Banksy and Keith Haring to Bowie and Balloon dogs, Octavian creates art prints using UltraChrome HDR ink on paper to give the effect of real neon. The results are fun wall art that is affordable, contemporary and eye-catching.

Neon-Like Art Prints banksy flower thrower

bowie Neon-Like Art Print

haring Neon-Like Art Prints

Neon-Like Art Prints

homer art print

Pieces such as his Superheroes, LEGO Minifig, Star Wars characters and Minions (shown below) are terrific for little kids’ rooms:

superman neon art print

spidey art print neon

batman neon poster

neon art prints

Octavian Mielu art print

lego minifig neon part print

Octavian Mielu print

Some of the ‘darker’ Bansky-inspired ones will hip up any adult’s office or home interior:

bansky art in neon

Neon-Like Art Prints

Octavian Mielu art print

He has several to choose from and each is available in various sizes, framed or unframed. Prices range from $15 for an 8″ x 10″ print on 200 gsm matte paper to a black wood framed print of 24″x36″ for $130.

Shop his etsy store here.

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