The Marley Natural Collection. This Is How Bob Rolls.


The newly launched Marley Natural collection is the latest celebrity-based line of Marijuana related products. Hemp-seed body care products, nicely crafted smoking accessories and for California, four strains of cannabis flower and oil.

The Marley Natural Collection

stephen marley and friend
Reggae singer Stephen Marley (left) shares a whiff of Indica cannabis with Big Dread, a friend of Bob Marley’s, at the launch party for Marley Natural. photo by Steve Appleford, courtesy of Rolling Stone

Stephen “Ragga” Marley, a Grammy-winning reggae artist who was nine when his father died from cancer in 1981, called the new company family “destiny.” “As a people, as a culture in Jamaica, as a Rastaman, herb is such a big part of our life. It’s a sacrament to us,” Marley, 43, told Rolling Stone. “People are getting educated about this plant — not just a get-high thing, but what the plant is, was and what it has to offer as a plant. That is the greatest thing: People are getting educated and make their own decisions.”

The Marley Natural Cannabis buds and oils
Marley_Natural_Cannabis 4 strains

The cannabis buds and oils are being launched exclusively in Los Angeles at three local dispensaries. The smoking accessories and hemp-seed body products are available worldwide on the company website.

Marley Natural Accessories Collection

bob marley water pipe and steamrollermarley natural black walnut accessories

The line of smoking accessories from Marley Naturals is a great looking collection of pipes, bubblers, cases and trays made from hand-blown glass and sustainably sourced North American Black Walnut wood finished with natural carnauba wax.


Dedicated to creating uniquely designed accessories, the elevated line of smoking products balances intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, catering to a personalized and sensory approach to the classic ritual of smoking.

spoon pipe2

The collection is made from sustainably grown American Black Walnut wood pieces that are accented by heat resistant hand-blown glass, ensuring durability, convenient maintenance, and a comfortable hand-held feel. Our interpretations of smoking, storage, and preparation essentials are an elegant addition to any herb lover’s collection. True to the Marley Natural brand, this heritage-driven line offers display-worthy pieces that enrich the experience of tasting nature’s finest.

small tray case and large steamroller

Marley Natural Hemp Seed Body Care Products


The Marley Natural body care line offers one-of-a-kind, naturally derived formulas that blend earth’s perfect moisturizer – cannabis sativa oil, commonly known as hemp seed oil – with the finest Jamaican botanicals. All of the formulas contain cold pressed hemp seed oil from an extraction process that captures its nourishing, nutrient-rich benefits in their purest form.


With outstanding moisturizing and non-greasy properties, cannabis sativa oil is known for its health and skin beneficial qualities. Combined with Jamaican botanical ingredient blends such as lemongrass, ginger, and cerasse – sourced directly from the island – the line offers formulas that promote and enhance your daily well-being.

marley natural body care products

All  formulas are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free.

These products contain cannabis sativa oil, a non-medicated, skin beneficial ingredient which is non-psychoactive and does not have any of the physical effects associated with the cannabis plant. The body care products do not contain any ingredients that will induce a physical high.

Marley natural

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