Multiplicity Vases and Lights by Ceramicist Anna Thomson Combine Tech and Craft.

Multiplicity Vases and Lights hero IIHIH

Ceramicist Anna Thomson’s Multiplicity Vases and Lights caught our attention both because of their uniqueness and also because of their beauty. Her complicated porcelain works combine technology and craft to result in beautiful looking decorative and functional pieces.

Multiplicity Vases and Lights

porcelain suspension lights

Inspired by Architecture, Thomson combines the sharp edges of geometric shapes with a soft palette or soft illumination making the most of the juxtaposition.

ceramic multiplicity vases

She creates the vessels using both CAD and 3D printing along with her traditional sculpting and mould-making skills. She has multiple designs at present and we love all of them.

“Inspired by architecture, memory and the passing of time my pieces explore themes of repetition, variation, duality and erosion with sharp geometries and soft curves in a muted monochrome palette. I try to capture a beauty in the new and the worn, the exposure of hidden layers and the reveal of complexity.

Ceramicist Anna Thomson in her East Sussex studio
Ceramicist Anna Thomson in her East Sussex studio

New explorations with a modular mould developed using a touch of CAD and 3D printing together with traditional mould-making skills is my current focus of development. Vessels and lighting with multiple profiles; in harmony, in discord or vying for attention are emerging.”

The Vases

vitirified porcelain

Made of Vitrified semi-porcelain, each Multiplicity piece is an experiment in form. The artist uses innovative approaches to creation by investigating the potential of 3D printing and modular systems in combination with traditional craft.

Inspired by repetitions in architecture, the resulting Vases have extruded crisp clean geometric edges and yet they can harmoniously blend in with organic shapes and softer environments.

MULTIPLICITY III Triple form, triple colour experiment 2021
Multiplicity III vase

modern ceramics

MULTIPLICITY II Triple form, dual colour reveal experiment inside.

MULTIPLICITY I Dual form, dual colour experiment.

The Lights

The lighting collection utilizes the same geometric forms and shapes as the vases. Hand crafted and fired in Anna’s Sussex studio in vitrified porcelain for a warm glow (or bone china for a whiter translucency), they work in many capacities. Put them over a kitchen island or use as hanging pendants on either side of a bed. Cluster them over a dining room table or you can use them in an entry way for a greater impact.

single porcelain pendant on and off

multiplicity pendant lamps off and on IIHIH

The Multiplicity lights were designed to be versatile so you can create the right composition for your space. Create hanging wall lights or pendants. Multiple or single shades (dimensions: 170mm high, 130mm diameter each). Add in-line switches and choose from many colors of braided flex. The whiter translucent properties of finely cast bone china will add a soft focus to any interior. Easily fitted to your existing pendant light fitting. (Braided flex and chrome pendant fittings can also be supplied if required).

Design Nation UK ceramicist

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all images courtesy of the artist