Elizaveta Porodina’s photos of Brad Pitt for GQ are Terrifically Trippy.

brad Pitt for GQ

We are digging these trippy images of Brad Pitt for GQ! Photographed by Elizaveta Porodina, the photos of Brad are unusual, even wild, when compared with the typically handsome shots of one of cinema’s most beautiful men.

Brad Pitt for GQ by Elizaveta Porodina

brad pitt in GQ 2022
Looking a little like an embalmed Liberace, here’s the cover shot shown without masthead and text

Elizaveta Porodina’s gorgeous, if not a little creepy, photos of Brad Pitt for GQ go beyond the expected male cover shot and fashion editorials. The talented photographer brings a quirky retro vibe to the men’s magazine with her images; like a little Harry Styles meets SNL’s Two Wild and Crazy Guys with some David LaChapelle thrown in. While some will undoubtedly complain that Brad looks “weird” or “too campy”, her images are simply fantastic from a creative perspective.

brad pitt qg aug 2022

brac pitt 2022

brad pitt by EP 3

mens fashion editorial

brad pitt by EP 2

Multiple exposures, rainbow filters, mirrors, surreal backdrops, cool props and saturated colors bring Brad out of his shell and into a world of magic.

“When I realized that I would be working on this project, I immediately had a vision – and as I knew it would be a radical invitation to my very own world, I was anxious – only to learn what an immense honor and pleasure it is , and a spark of true inspiration – to work with an incredible actor, artist and a person who admires and respects art and the process so deeply.

photographer elizaveta porodina self portrait
Elizaveta Porodina, self-portrait. Ring by Egor Dubovoy.

It is a really surreal feeling to see a face that you have known so well throughout your whole life, reflected in the images of your own making – and it’s an even more surreal feeling to have Brad Pitt collaborating on your vision, going full in on any challenge with charm and humour, understanding the images to the core so quickly – and adding something of his own, something special – that would further enrich the story.” – Elizaveta Porodina

elizaveta porodina photos of brad pitt

brad pitt GQ

brad pitt GQ

elizaveta porodina photography

brad pitt in GQ

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GQ cover Brad Pitt

all photos courtesy Elizaveta Porodina and of GQ Magazine