Moschino Marionettes As Models for Jeremy Scott Women’s Collection

Moschino Marionettes As Models

Moschino Marionettes as models donning his Ready-To-Wear fashions for women was a smart and creative way for Creative Director Jeremy Scott to showcase his a collection during the tumultuous times of a contentious election and the COVID-19 Pandemic. No need to worry about contracting the virus, or having a fight break out, when the room is full of puppets rather than people.

Moschino Marionettes As Models

Moschino Marionettes As Models

I can’t imagine a Fashion brand Creative Director who has more fun than Jeremy Scott. His whimsical style combined with craftsmanship and couture always lead to memorable collections from Moschino. We know this collection is a year old and how we missed this one, we’re not sure, but it’s more about the unique way in which it was presented, rather than the clothes themselves.

Scott is not the first designer to create miniature versions of fashions worn by dolls. In 2008 fashion duo Viktor and Rolf had an exhibition at the Barbican where they put their runway collection on 2′ tall porcelain dolls. Now, 12 years later Jeremy Scott has made Moschino Marionettes as models with the help Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to showcase his RTW collection.

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While people wanted to read more into The Moschino show than intended: “Was the designer painting a picture of our turbulent times through metaphors of political puppeteering, “strings attached,” and questions of real versus fake? Were his designs—couture-level garments that revealed their own construction—an image of much-needed truth in the public forum?” The simple truth is this way Moschino could present their 41 piece collection on models – and for the brand’s Look book – without endangering anyone’s health.

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“The best thing I could do for everyone who is stressed about the election, the pandemic, social unrest, and the future was to give the gift of fantasy and take us away from all of it for a few minutes; let us enjoy this little fashion world of ours.” – Jeremy Scott to Vogue

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The advertising campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel, for the collection used real models posing as marionettes:
moschino marionettes ad campaign

And store windows in Milan featured Mannequin Marionettes:
moschino milan marionette window display IIHIH

Images courtesy of Vogue and Moschino