Beautiful Art That Supports Ukraine – Ten Unique Examples

Art That Supports Ukraine

One of the unexpected pleasant results from something as ugly as War is the art created in favor of Peace. The Russian attacks on Ukraine have prompted creatives of all sorts – illustrators, photographers, painters, makeup artists, sculptors and more, to create art that supports Ukraine.

Art That Supports Ukraine

art for ukraine
Art that supports Ukraine, whether financially or emotionally, is filling up the feeds on social media. Blues and Golds, Sunflowers, vintage folk art and graphic design and typographic messages that express solidarity with Ukraine are plentiful. We came across so very many that it was difficult to choose only ten to share with you. We tried to feature a range of media and styles and landed on these ten as an interesting variation.

Obey giant shepard fairey
Obey Giant Poster, artist Shepard Fairey
Ukrainian illustrator Nina Dzyvulska
Art by Ukrainian illustrator Nina Dzyvulska
Painting by Tracy Lyn Propp
painting by Tracy Lyn Propp
Pantone's Solidarity colors
Pantone’s Solidarity colors
Sarah Dungan of Arrow Art Studio
by Sarah Dungan of Arrow Art Studio
Gary Baseman art for ukraine
by artist Gary Baseman
by makeup artist @itsannchovie
ukraine art
by artist Paweł Jońca
Ukranian artist Dmitry Eret
by Ukranian artist Dmitry Eret
Art That Supports Ukraine
art by @lunarticworks

Find more terrific art that expresses solidarity with Ukraine by searching the following hashtags


May Peace soon reign.