Mosaic Artist Carrie Reichardt is Mad In England

mosaic artist carol reichardt

Mosaic artist Carrie Reichardt’s trademark logo, Mad In England, is the perfect tagline for her provocative and somewhat subversive tile work. Tile artworks and installations that reflect political dissent and dissatisfaction turn her impressive craft into artsy activism.

Mosaic Artist Carrie Reichardt

carrie richardt wall mosaic fight for your right

Born Baroness Carrie von Reichardt in 1966, her title (used ironically) connects her to the last Tsar of Russia, who bestowed an honorary general title to her grandfather for helping the allied forces in WW1. Referred to in some circles simply as ‘The Baroness’, Carrie works with ceramic tiles to create private commissions for clients, Carrie’s large scale murals, art installations and outdoor sculptures can be found in community and public art projects. A longtime supporter of rights for women, the homeless and recycling, she is frequently called to speak on the use of craft and art as protest.

Mosaic Tiled Car Bonnets / Car Hoods

The Temptation of Eve – 2015
Ceramic on Metal Car Bonnet (Hood)


Miss Liberty – 2015
Ceramic on Metal Car Bonnet (Hood)

miss-liberty-mosaic car bonnet

The Truth Will Set Your Free (But First It Will Piss You Off)
Ceramic on Metal Car bonnet (hood)

The Treatment Rooms – Chiswick W4

Riot Here Riot Now – 2010
Ceramic on Ford bonnet (hood)
Made to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate this, piece became strangely prophetic as a few months later rioting broke out across London. The design uses vintage, digital and hand screen-printed ceramic transfers in Reichardt’s signature style.

Riot-here-Riot-now car hood mosaic by carrie Reichardt

Riot Here Riot Now – 2015
Printed Ceramic on MINI Cooper bonnet (hood)
Carrie used vintage, digital and hand screen-printed ceramic transfers that she applied on the metal hood of the UK car classic. The color palette is predominantly red, blue and white. The blue tiles build the background of the artwork. Many of them contain the transferred flower patterns. The red tiles create a fire flaring from the bottom and around the Mini logo. The white tiles depict the “V for Vendetta” mask with a crown resting on it, two eyes with wings and the banner that reads the artworks title. The Vendetta mask, an international symbol for the occupy movement, enhances Carrie’s proclamation to “Riot Here, Riot Now”.

Riot-Here-Riot-Now Vendetta 2015 Carrie Reichardt Widewalls

Mad in England the Jubilee – 2011
Ceramic on Ford bonnet (hood)
Commemorating the Queen’s Jubilee
Made using vintage, digital and hand screen printed ceramic transfers, this piece pays homage in part to Jamie Reid’s 1977 iconic Jubilee image. Carrie combines a red, white and blue palette with authentic Metropolitan police badges. Images of the 2012 popular insurrections are superimposed onto this motif, subtly subverting its patriotism and reflecting a rather more radical view of the British publics’ relationship with the state and Royal Family.

Mad in England mosaic car hood 2011

Mad in Hackney – 2011
Private commission, Mixed media on Mini bonnet (hood)
The work incorporates vintage, digital and screen printed ceramic transfers. Images represent the owner’s personal preferences, given an anarchic twist by the artist.

Mad in England Jubilee Pastel 2012

Mad in England Jubilee Pastel – 2012
Ceramic on Mini bonnet (hood)
Inspired by the invasion of all things kitsch into popular culture, this design uses vintage, digital and hand screen-printed ceramic transfers to expose the irony of this idealised portrayal of an England that never was.

Mini Cooper Mosaic Car Bonnet by Carrie Reichardt

Other pieces by Baroness Carrie Reichardt

Blood Purifier
Ceramic Tile Mosaic, Signed Original, 48cm x 74cm [SOLD]
Blood-purifier-mosaic by carrie reichardt

Fairest Of Them All
Signed Mosaic, Framed Original, 76.2cm x 45.7cm
Available at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery (POA)

The Power of Love (Marlow Art Guitars collaboration with Carrie Reichardt)
Created for Marlow’s Art Guitar Show
Marlow Custom Alder Body in white, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard

carrie-reichardt--the-power-of-love-mosaic marlow guitar
Ask for full specs, price and availability here

Mad in England – Cops and Robbers
Printed Ceramic Tiles in Frame, Signed Original, 61cm x 91.5cm [SOLD]

mad in england- cops and robbers

Mad in England – Loose Women
Printed Ceramic Tiles, Signed Original, 61cm x 91.5cm

Mad in England - Loose Women
£4,500.00 at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery

Love It
Mosaic, Signed Original (framed), 70cm x 70cm [SOLD]

Love it mosaic by Carrie Reichardt

Power to The People
Panel Mosaic Tile, Screenprint, Mixed Media, Signed Original, 200cm x 110cm

Power-to-the-people-mosaic carrie reichardt
£30,000.00 at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery

Saint Mamacita Chula
1860 Oak Church Panel, Mosaic, Signed Original, 88cm x 175cm

Saint-Mamacita-Chula mosaic by carrie Reichardt
£8,500.00 at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery

About the artist:
artist carrie reichardt at work

Carrie Reichardt is a leading contemporary artist, who works from a mosaic-covered studio in London, The Treatment Rooms. A figurehead for the Craftivism movement, Carrie uses murals, ceramics, screen-printing and graphic design in her work and is called upon to speak on the use of craft and art as protest.

Her work has appeared in leading galleries around the world and she represented the UK as part of a group of international artists invited to mosaic the Argentinian Government building in Buenos Aires.

Carrie is best known for her anarchic crockery, where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by re-firing with layers of new ceramic decals. They are modified in a “radical use of traditional things”, along with skulls, cheeky slogans and political statements.

plates by carrie reichardt

Carrie Reichardt’s work has featured in The Guardian and The Evening Standard. Having spent a number of years investigating methods of transferring images onto ceramics, she has developed a technique of layering images, using a combination of homemade, vintage and digital ceramic decals.

carrie riechardt single tiles etsy store

Mosaic House:

Carrie has even created the UK’s most unique Mosaic House, in Chiswick, which has rooms available to rent via Airbnb!

Carrie Reichart

Carrie has her own etsy store called Renegade Potter where she sells individual handmade tiles and her plates.

Buy her tiles, plates and original mosaics at Ink-d Gallery

images courtesy of Baroness Carrie Reichardt, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Widewalls, and Treatment Rooms Collective