The Mondrian Prefab Playhouse by Barnes Vanze Architects

prefab mondrian playouse

This wonderful Mondrian Prefab playhouse was a pro bono effort by Barnes Vanze Architects to design and build playhouses for auction. The parameters were strict: the playhouse had to measure 10’ x 8’ x 11’ and be capable of being moved from the auction site to the buyer’s home.

Mondrian Prefab Playhouse

prefab mondrian playouse1 IIHIH

The prefab modular home was designed to fit any context, to be simply constructed, and to be a source of entertainment and amusement for young minds. And, the architects thought, it should be a beautiful object that stands on its own once the children had outgrown it.

prefab mondrian playhouse3b IIHIHprefab mondrian playhouse3 IIHIH

Inspired by Mondrian, the trick was to make an elegant box that would also appeal to children. Inside is a loft for secret club meetings, a chalkboard wall to strategize water pistol battles and a window in the floor to observe what the architects had hoped would be a fish pond below.

prefab mondrian playhouse6 IIHIHprefab mondrian playhouse5 IIHIHprefab mondrian playhouse4 IIHIH

LED lights are powered by a solar panel on the upper roof. The lower roof is green, creating a habitat for wildlife that can be seen from the upper windows. The cubist block sits beautifully in any landscape.

Photographer: Anice Hoachlander from Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC
Project Architect: Wayne Adams and Renee Pean

Barnes Vanze Architects

images via Houzz/ Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc