Modernist Rocking Horses By Frederik Roijé

Modernist Rocking Horses By Frederik Roijé

Next time your child whines “I want a pony”, consider these Rocking Squares by Frederik Roijé. Albeit as expensive as a real horse, these will last forever.

Frederik Roijé Rocking Squares

I’ve been a fan of Dutch designer Roijé for sometime now. His “Holy Homes”, two porcelain birdhouses caught my eye several years ago (I had to buy one) and we blogged about his stunning chicken coops here. Since then we try to keep up with his inventive designs.

His Rocking Squares are a reinvention of the traditional Hobby Horse or Rocking Horse. The wood rocking horse is covered with a durable coating, is available in three sizes and two color options.

modern rocking horse

rocking sculpture

frederik roije modernist rocking horse

modern ride-on toys

A stunning combination of interactive sculpture and hip toy, the Rocking Square is available for purchase (at a price befitting original art, rather than a child’s toy) and ships directly from his Holland studio. Shipping time is 6-8 weeks.

Frederik Roijé Rocking Squares available sizes and prices are as follows (subject to change):
Dimensions (l x w x h) and Prices
large, black or white, 250 x 75 x 180 cm = €8200 ($10,975.70 USD)
medium, black or white, 180 x 60 x 130 cm = €6200 ($8298.70 USD)
small, black or white, 130 x 40 x 90 cm = €4500 ($6023.25 USD)
buy them here.

Frederik Roijé