The 10 Hippest Modern Designer Rocking Horses On The Market

modern designer rocking horses

Sure, you’ve seen a lot of very cool-looking versions of the traditional childhood toy, the Rocking Horse. But so many of them are just conceptual designs that it’s a big disappointment for those actually looking to buy one.

Modern Designer Rocking Horses

I searched high and low for for the coolest Modern Designer Rocking Horses out there. Modern, minimalist and modernist versions that could be purchased and have narrowed it down to these as the ten most beautiful and functional. Each is suitable for children (some even for adults) and almost every one was created by a designer of note.

One is a re-issue of an iconic 1958 design (by Walter Pabst for Wilkhan), one has been blogged about a lot but I found the exclusive selling source (The Calidu by industrial designer Gunther Schunn) and one has partnered with a new manufacturer (The Gioco designed by Zanini de Zanine).

While I’ve blogged about some of these in the past, this round up contains some super new ones worth checking out. (This had linked to a longer more comprehensive article about Modern Rocking Horses published for Mode Media, which has since disappeared. Instead please see our Pinterest board of them here