Blown Glass Artemide Invero and Incalmo Suspension Lights

Artemide Invero and Incalmo Suspension Lights

Presented at this year’s Euroluce in Milan are Artemide’s new two color blown glass suspension lamps designed by architect, designer, entrepreneur and teacher Carlotta de Bevilacqua.

Artemide Invero and Incalmo Suspension Lights

artemide Incalvo lights

The Incipit (*Architectural Collection) starts with the first word or idea and ends where the story of the project, by now sure about its ideas, relies solely on itself, something that happens after a well-defined conceptual break.

incalvo and incalmo lights
above: New Incalvo and Incalmo Suspension Lights

This was the origin of Incalmo: from the baseline idea of an optical, thermal, technological machine, where everything is part of a system, to the wish to restore, at the same time, a human, craft dimension observing the beauty of imperfection through a restyling of blown glass.

artemide invero pendant light at euroluce
above: Invero Suspension Lamp

Two different forms of glass, in the large and small size, result from a philological blend of old European glass-blowing techniques and the Syrian, Byzantine, and Chinese glass production and decoration arts.


As an outcome of this great historical background, Venetian art becomes in turn the starting point for later anthropological and cultural developments of the European Population.


The name Incalmo refers to a technique conceived in the 16th century in Murano – Venice – by which blown glasses with two or more different colour areas can be obtained.

incalmo banded glass cu

The alternating horizontal clear and white or grey bands of blown glass turn its decorative body into an element that works in perfect combination with Incipit, both as a screen below the narrower angles and as a light emission diffuser in space.

Incalmo Lights With Incipit:
incalmo lights with incipt IIHIH

Incalmo is a metaphor of the attempt to combine the evolving technological innovation of LEDs with a craft skill that is rooted in our memory, in order to improve optical performance, increase efficiency, and enrich the perceived aesthetics of the object through its commanding presence in space.

The Artemide Booth at Euroluce:
artemide booth at euroluce

Aluminium structure, blown glass diffuser
Black filigree/Grey; Red filigree/White; Blue filigree/White; White incalmo/White
Grey incalmo/Grey; White zanfrico filigree/White

Overall dimensions:
Diameter: 230 mm, 360 mm
height: 248 mm, 308 mm, 359 mm, 419 mm
Fittings: LED 39W

Design: Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Presented: Euroluce 2015, Milan

Artemide Incalmo Suspension Lights

Artemide Invero Suspension Lights