Small Discoveries, mischer’traxler Studio for Perrier Jouet

mischer'traxler studio for perrier jouet

Austria’s mischer’traxler studio is the latest to design a special bottle for Perrier Jouet’s Belle Epoque in addition to a special coffret of Blason Rosé cuvée with two champagne flutes and a kinetic installation, Curiosity Cloud, commissioned by the Champagne brand.

mischer’traxler Studio for Perrier Jouet

mischertraxler perrier jouet mood board

photo by camronPR
above photo of Curiosity Cloud installation, courtesy of CamronPR

‘Small Discoveries’, is an extended collaboration between mischer’traxler and Perrier-Jouët that started with the project ‘ephemerā’ at Design Miami in December 2014 and is continued throughout 2015 with three original creations for Perrier-Jouët Champagne that referenced ‘ephemerā.’

ephemera installation and art


Learn more about Ephemerā here

The aim of the Small Discoveries collection is to tell the story of the dialogue between nature and mankind, and to stimulate curiosity of the individual through several design pieces.

PART I: Blason Rosé cuvée and two champagne flutes


The first ‘small discoveries’ of 2015 for Perrier-Jouët was launched earlier this year for valentine’s Day. It is a specially designed coffret – or gift-package – including a Blason Rosé cuvée and two champagne flutes.

perrier jouet 2015 coffret

The flutes include the small surprise. Decorated with a flight of winged insects, once filled with champagne, the glasses reveal their dazzling secret: an insect engraved on the inside of the glass creates a visual point that encourages effervescent.

champagne flutes

The delicate engraving means the champagne bubbles cluster at the design, and spiral upwards through the length of the wine like an optical game.

champagne flute with moths

The effect is tantalizing, and offers an element of surprise and intrigue.

The presentation box with perforated bubbles and cut-out moths shows embossed illustrations of various ephemeral insects that are captured mid-flight across the box.

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PART II: Curiosity Cloud

curiosity cloud detail

The second part of the 2015 ‘Small Discoveries’ series for Perrier-Jouët, mischer’traxler developed a kinetic installation presented at the V&A during London Design Week.

curiosity cloud full view

In it, their hand-made insects react to the audience via what they’ve termed the “Curiosity Cloud”.

“Curiosity Cloud is about celebrating a moment in nature and the relationship that humans have with the entomological world.” -mischer’traxler

The installation comprises 250 mouth-blown glass globes made by the Viennese glass company Lobmeyr. Each globe contains a single hand-fabricated insect and each insect has been printed onto foil, which has been laser cut and then hand embroidered to create the body. Each insect is then attached to a string run by a small motor in the cap.

creating the installation with Lobmeyr

Capturing the full range of human engagement with this natural order, 25 insect species are represented, falling into three categories: extinct, common, and newly discovered.

PART III: The Bottle and Packaging for the 2007 Vintage Belle Epoque Cuvée

belle epoque bottle cu

designing the belle epoque bottle

Lastly, a bottle adorned with mysterious butterflies to celebrate the 2007 Vintage Belle Epoque Cuvée.

mischer traxler perrier jouet bottle1

A white lacquered pencil case slide top gift box to cradle a bottle of the Cuvée Grand Brut.

belle epoque bottle and box

Perrier-Jouët playfully enchants the dinner tables of the festive season. mischer’traxler reinterprets the language of Art Nouveau, swirling lines inspired by the living shapes of nature — and its philosophy: to imbue the useful with beauty and the everyday with poetry.

belle epoque bottle
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The Grand Brut has it’s own box designed by mischer’traxler as well:
perrier jouet grand brut packaging by mischer traxler

all information, videos and images courtesy of Perrier Jouet and mischer’traxler Studio