It’s A Snow Globe. It’s a Sugar Container. Sugar House is Both.


This is a sweet idea. Combining the winter whimsy of a snow globe with the functionality of a sugar dispenser.

Sugar House

in situ

Peleg Design has come up with a fun way to dispense sugar into your tea, coffee, cereal or whatever needs sweetening.


The Sugar House is a plastic sugar bowl whose design emulates that of a snowglobe when not in use.
upright on white

Simply turn over the decorative object, unscrew the bottom and spoon out a bit of sugar.
open on white2

Any type of sugar or even salt can be used in the Sugar House.
sugar house three variants


Product size: 10.8 X 10.8 X 12 cm
sugar house packaging

New from Peleg Design 

suggested retail is $19.99 USD, but here’s the best price I could find onAmazon for only $17.30