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The Marvels of Nature Series by Body Painter Emma Fay

marvels of nature

The Marvels of Nature series by artist Emma Fay transforms contortionists into creatures chosen for their remarkable evolutionary traits.

Marvels of Nature

emma fay body painting tarantula

The series began in 2014 with three body paintings: a tarantula, a seahorse and a giraffe, photographed by Jonathan Macauley and featuring contortionist models Beth Sykess and Lowri Thomas.

emma fay body painting seahorse

“…The contortionists can only hold the pose for a maximum of five-seconds so I have to work quickly to get it right. I then keep painting and repositioning the models until they look like the real animal.” – Emma Fay

emma fay body painting giraffe
above: Model/contortionist Beth Sykess poses as a giraffe.

Some time later Emma added to the Marvels of Nature series with a mandrill (shown at the top of this post), a zebra, a crab, a dragon fly and a bee. A collaborative effort with Kate Spinks Dean on a blue-ringed octopus was also included.

emma fay body painting bee

emma fay body painting crab

emma fay body painting dragonfly

“The animal body has reached the limits of its evolutionary ability” ~ Terrance Mckenna

emma fay body painting zebra

Blue-ringed Octopus:
emma fay body painting blue ringed octopus

Not formally included in the series were this Shark she created for Tom Daley to help raise awareness for UK Shark Week:
emma fay body painting shark for Tom Daley project

As well as this Reindeer:
emma fay body painting reindeer

Marvels of Nature Series
Concept Art Emma Fay
Jonathan Macauley Photography
Contortionist Ooh La Lowri Contortionist,
Assistants Charlotte Mahdoodi & Charlotte Faulkner

About the artist :
Working worldwide Emma Fay specializes in concept body artistry with a bespoke design process and service for Promotion, Marketing, Performance, Photography, Film and TV Productions.

As a Concept Body Fine Artist Emma’s work has been applied within commercial arenas and campaigns adding innovative illusionary qualities through her concepts and ideas.

Combining her artistic, theatrical and business background with professional experience and knowledge within the hair and beauty industry, Emma’s attention to detail and professional manner is reflected in her workshops and demos in body art, theatrical make-up and adornment making.

Emma Fay

all images courtesy of Emma Fay