Make No Bones About It, Stephen Einhorn Is Much More Than A Jeweler.

The Work of Stephen Einhorn

We’ve all seen the large amount of Goth skull jewelry out there. And Stephen Einhorn of the UK is yet another who creates jewellery collections which include skulls of all types. But he also makes high-end skull and bone items for the home that include water taps, ashtrays, corkscrews, even egg cups. In addition to those objects, he makes fire pits, candle cards and more.

The Work of Stephen Einhorn

gothic water fixture stephen einhorn
above: his hand cast taps start at $332.00 USD (subject to change)

Below are the water taps (or faucets, as we call them in the US). Although you will love them and want to get them for your home, they are made in conjunction with with Barber Wilson’s & Company Ltd and therefore ONLY fit onto their taps & fittings. The taps are available in brass or chrome and can be customized with colored Swarovski Crystal eyes.

Einhorn skull Brass drain overflow for tub
above: Brass drain overflow for tub, prices start at $240.00 USD (subject to change)

For customers outside the UK you can contact Barber Wilson for information on their faucets via [email protected] or telephone/fax +44 20 88 88 91 88. Barber Wilson also has distributors in the USA and Germany. If you already own a set of Barber Wilson taps/faucets, you can remove the existing heads and easily replace them with their Capstan Heads.

Other skull items for the home include the following:

he skull head ashtray is available in solid sterling silver or gold.
above: The skull head ashtray is available in solid sterling silver or gold. Price start at $904.00 USD
sterling silver skull head egg cups
above: Solid sterling silver skull head egg cups starting at $904.00 (also available in gold)
einhorn skull corkscrew complete with Swarovski eyes
above: skull corkscrew complete with Swarovski eyes. Chrome plated brass. Priced at $225.00 USD

His products range from jewelry to bathroom taps, from his ‘nail stools’ to his patented Candle Cards. Everything has been designed by him and manufactured in his London workshops.

His patented Candle Cards:

His Fang cufflinks are available in gold or silver:

His “fire gardens” resemble mini Stone Henge’s complete with pewter skeletons:

Gothic Fire Garden stephen einhorn
Gothic Fire Garden prices start at $107.00 USD

Another unique aspect of Stephen’s work worth noting is his “breakable” packaging, a wonderful way to give a gift on Valentine’s Day. A painted plaster Heart is created around the jewelry one can ‘bust’ open to discover the gift inside.

About the designer:

Stephen Einhorn himself designs the core product range, as well as custom making a large number of bespoke commissions for individual customers. Everything is hand made. Their shop and workshops are in Islington, London. All the items shown in this post are available either through the Stephen Einhorn Shop and Showroom at 210 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RL or worldwide through this secure online shop.

If you aren’t familiar with his jewellery, it’s definitely something you should see. In addition to his large selection of engagement and wedding rings, he has several collections for men and women that include fine jewelry of real gold and sterling silver. The collections range from tattoo-inspired pieces, goth, rock n’ roll, hearts, and more.

Stephen Einhorn Ltd