The Magnificently Macabre Photography of Miss Lakune.

macabre photography of miss lakune

If Heaven and Hell could be combined in an artistic photograph, it would be the Macabre Photography of Miss Lakune. The beautiful and talented Polish artist and photographer’s ethereally disturbing Gothic photographs are the perfect images for the month in which Halloween lies. Her work is both simultaneously repelling and compelling.

Macabre Photography of Miss Lakune

Macabre Photography of Miss Lakune
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UPDATE: Miss Lakune, her online store, her Behance and Deviant Art sites seem to have disappeared since we wrote this post. If you have any idea where she now posts her work, please let us know.

The Poland-based artist (in a self-portrait shown below) describes herself as permanently in love with Manson, Bowie, Helnwein, Biork, Tarantino, Burton and several of her prints can be purchased in her online store.

Miss Lakune on Deviantart
Miss Lakune on Behance