The Magnificently Macabre Photography of Miss Lakune.

macabre photography of miss lakune

If Heaven and Hell could be combined in an artistic photograph, the beautiful and talented Miss Lakune, has done so with her ethereally disturbing Gothic photographs. The perfect images for the month in which Halloween lies, her work is both simultaneously repelling and compelling. Read more

Dead Island Gory Game Trailer Forward & Reversed At Slow Speed & Regular Speed.

Dead Island Trailer forward and reversed

Admittedly I’m up to my severed neck in Zombies, but this trailer [which has an opening shot of the eye of a dead female reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Pyscho scene, ] for the upcoming gruesome video game Dead Island has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and deservedly so. Purposely shot backwards and accompanied by a beautiful piece of music, the cgi rendered trailer has been controversial for its blood and gore, but it’s so compelling, one has to commend it for its production quality and undeniable appeal. Read more

Latest Ghoulishness From Photographer Joshua Hoffine

Photographer Joshua Hoffine

Ah, it’s that wonderfully creepy time of year again, All Hallow’s Eve. Therefore it’s time to bring you more gory creepy photography (and now jewelry, too) from the talented horror photographer Joshua Hoffine. Read more

Joshua Hoffine Brings Your Nightmares To Life In His Beautiful Horror Photography

Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I wanted to share with you the ghoulish photography of 35 year old Joshua Hoffine of Missouri. Read more