Louis Vuitton Creatures Made Of Small Leather Goods By Billie Achilleos.

Louis Vuitton Creatures Made Of Small Leather Goods By Billie Achilleos

Recently, Louis Vuitton tapped Chameleon Visual the incredibly talented propmaker/puppeteer/artist Billie “Fingers” Achilleos for a second time*. In this instance, it was to create four bespoke animals made from small leather goods for their Autumn Winter Press event, which was held in Paris this week.

Louis Vuitton Creatures

The Chameleon – for colour:
Louis Vuitton CreaturesLouis Vuitton leather creatures by Billie Achilleos

The Grasshopper – for sounds of zips and press studs:
Louis Vuitton Grasshopper
Louis Vuitton insects

The Beaver – for functionality:
louis vuitton beaver
Louis Vuitton Creatures

above photo only, courtesy of tumblr

And the Armadillo – for the materials strength:
Louis Vuitton Armadillolouis vuitton leather armadilloLV armadillolouis vuitton leather armadillo

Imagery Provided by Louis Vuitton Press Department, via the artist

*Earlier this year Billie Achilleos, the self-proclaimed “Maker of Things” was approached by Chameleon Visual to produce some very unique creatures for the debut windows of Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison. Each of the 20 bespoke animals was carefully constructed out of genuine Louis Vuitton bags, purses and accessories and resented in dome jars.

The windows were such a success, they did it again for the New York store.

Here’s a few images of those, courtesy of the artist:
louis vuittons window with leather creatures by billie achilleous
above left: the window of the Bond Street store and right, in New York.

Bond Street, frog:
louis vuitton leather frog in window

Crab and Fish:
louis vuitton crab and fish of leather

New York:
NY window lv creatures under domes

Snake and Rooster:
Louis Vuitton window display snake and rooster leather

The talented Billie Achilleous:

Louis Vuitton