All The Opus Watches (1 through 11) From Harry Winston & Various Horologists.

Harry Winston Opus Watches

Harry Winston Opus Watches launched in 2001. The Opus concept was based on the idea of creating an exceptional timepiece each year in partnership with a gifted independent horologist. The partners work together as equals and collaborate to produce innovative and groundbreaking luxury watches.

Harry Winston Opus Watches

A look at all of the  Opus Watches: One through Eleven.

Harry Winston Opus Watches
The most recent addition to the Opus Watch series was developed with Dennis Giguet

I don’t know why but some have spelled out numbers, other use an Arabic numeral and still others use a Roman Numeral to designate the edition, so in my post I will do the same. Most recently the Opus 11 (shown above) was introduced, but I thought you might want to see all of the Opus watches since 2001.

Opus One, developed with F.P. Journe:
Harry Winston Opus watches One through Eleven

Opus Two, developed with Antoine Preziuso:
Opus Two developed with Antoine Preziuso

Opus 3, developed with Vianney Halter:
Winston Opus 3 watch developed with Vianney Halter

Opus 4, developed with Christopher Claret:
Opus 4 watch developed with Christopher Claret

Opus V, developed with Felix Baumgartner:
Opus V watch developed with Felix Baumgartner

Opus 6, developed with Gruebel Forsey:
Opus 6 watch developed with Gruebel Forsey

Opus 7, developed with Andreas Stehler:
Opus 7 watch developed with Andreas Stehler

Opus 8, developed with Frederic Garinaud & CSH:
Opus 8 watch developed with Frederic Garinaud & CSH

Opus 9, developed with Jean Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud:
Opus 9 watchdeveloped with Jean Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud

Opus X, developed with Jean-François Mojon:
Opus X watch developed with Jean-François Mojon

Opus Eleven, developed with Dennis Giguet:
Opus Eleven watch developed with Dennis Giguet

To learn more about each of the Opus watches, visit Harry Winston