Extraordinary Gemstone Scarab Wings Open To Reveal Scent

Lorenze Baumer Bejeweled Beetles

These extraordinary bejeweled brooches by renowned Paris jeweler Lorenz Bäumer are more than just examples of eye-popping gemstones and expert craftsmanship. Each Scarab’s wings open by placing pressure on the center stone to reveal the scent of a few drops of perfume stored within.

Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches

In Spring of 2015, Lorenz Bäumer left his position as the artistic director of high jewelry at Louis Vuitton to focus on his own brand. Having previously created jewelry for Gucci, Cartier, Hermes and Chanel, he now can dedicate himself to his own stunning creations.

Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches
Bäumer with his Black and White Diamond Scarab

Bäumer, who studied engineering in college, spent months experimenting with a porous aluminum lacquer that can absorb and release a few drops of perfume. He eventually used the material to form the bodies of these exotic Scarabs.

Each of the Scarabs is made with earth-mined, top quality gems such as diamonds (fancy and colored), sapphires (blue, purple, pink, yellow and orange), citrine, rubellite, tsavorite, opals and onyx. Set in white, pink and yellow gold, there are a total of 5 Scarab brooches.

Yellow Scarab Brooch
Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches

Yellow cushion diamond, 1.02 carat
White diamonds 0.93 carats
Blue sapphire 0.21 carat
White diamonds 1.31 carat
Yellow Sapphires 6.82 carat yellow
Blue Sapphires blue 0.75 carat
Tsavorite 2.43-carat
White and yellow gold 57.35 grams

Purple Scarab Brooch
Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches

Gems and carat weights:
Fire Opal 4.73 carats
Amethyst 12.59 carats
White diamond 0.84 carats
Onyx 7.14 carat
White diamonds 1.20 carats
Black diamonds 1.33 carats
Purple sapphires 7.05 carats
Orange sapphires 2.22 carats
Pink and white gold 71.60 grams

Fall Scarab Brooch
Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches
Gems and carat weights:
Yellow Diamond RPC 2.05 carats
Citrine 9.31 carats
White Diamonds 2.60 carats
Chocolate Diamonds 3.84 carats
Pink Sapphire 0.24 carats
Orange Sapphires 0.04 carats
Gold 65.77g
Total Weight 70g

Black & White Scarab Brooch
Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches
Gems and carat weights:
White diamonds 2.37 carats
White diamonds 5.28 carats
Black diamonds 4.54 carats
White gold 66.66 grams

Red & Black Scarab brooch
Lorenz Bäumer Scarab Brooches
Gems and carat weights:
Rubellite 11.02 carats
Fancy White Diamond 1.06 carats
White diamonds 3.24 carats
Black diamonds 4.88 carats
Pink Sapphires 2.97 carats
White gold 60.90 grams

These extraordinary pieces are a small part of the jeweler’s repertoire and prices are only available upon contact.

Lorenz Bäumer
Lorenz Bäumer has also created jewelry for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Hermes and Chanel.

Lorenz Bäumer
Place Vendôme
Paris, France

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