Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series of Single Malt Whiskies

Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Single Malt Whiskies

Given the rising popularity of rare and aged whiskies in Singapore, The Whisky Corporation has brought their Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series (the Trilogy and Ruby Reserve) of bespoke single malt whiskies from Speyside to Singapore.

Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Single Malt Whiskies

Since 1865, the Grants of Glenfarclas have carefully adhered to time-honored traditions of whiskey making. They explored their finest reserves and found valuable casks predating 1972 – the year their famous Pagoda kiln was decommissioned.

Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Single Malt Whiskies
The Glenfarclas Visitor Centre with the pagoda from their old kiln

The Pagoda-like rooftops (more accurately called cupolas) in Scotland are a common site at malt whiskey distilleries. Adopted by Scottish distillers during the early to mid-19th century, these were mounted on the roofs of distillery kilns. Their function was to draw air up through the kiln and they rotated depending on the direction of the prevailing wind (source)

glenfarclas pagoda

In tribute, Glencairn Crystal bottled what they found in the finest crystal-cut etched decanters adorned with precious stones and Pagoda stoppers. Only 100 traditional 700ml sets have been produced, and even fewer (10 to be exact) 1.5 litre magnum sets, and a collector’s edition of only 30 silver magnums. “Due to the massive pre-order demand prior to its release, only 10 sets will be made available to the market in December. All of the magnums and a total of 90 Trilogies were secured by collectors and those in the know some time ago”, said Ben Morley, Chief Operating Officer of The Whisky Corporation.

glenfarclas pagoda trilogy

All 3 members of the Pagoda Reserve Trilogy – Brass (43 years), Silver (48 years) and Gold (59 years) are vintages and distinctive in their own rights. Each of which is bottled in beautiful hand-blown crystal decanters and topped with a handcrafted magnetic pagoda-shaped stopper.

The Glencairn Crystal hand-blown decanters are intricately finished with brass, silver and gold respectively.

Pagoda Reserve Brass (43 years): A warm gold hue with rich dark chocolate flavor notes.
pagoda reserve brass

Pagoda Reserve Silver (48 years): A deep ruby hue with sweet yet spicy flavor notes.
Pagoda Reserve Silver (48 years)

Pagoda Reserve Gold (59 years): A radiant liquid gold hue with layers of melted milk chocolate flavor notes.
Pagoda Reserve Gold (59 years)

And then there’s the Pagoda Ruby Reserve, a 62-year old whisky which is the pinnacle of the treasured Pagoda Reserve range.

pagoda ruby reserve

It exudes aroma and laces the senses with the sweetness of caramel and chocolate, followed by a whiff of oak. At a remarkable 62 years old, the Ruby is the pinnacle of the treasured Pagoda Reserve range and also the oldest whisky ever to be released by the Glenfarclas distillery. It features citrus notes, an eloquently rich coating and slight sweetness for exceptional balance. A signature from its era of production. Presented in fine Glencairn crystal, the Pagoda Ruby Reserve is fittingly topped with a handcrafted ruby red colored stopper. The actual bottle is adorned with real Rubies.

beautiful liquor bottles

The Pagoda Reserve range is the symbol of pure excellence any whisky collector dreams of owning. With only 100 sets produced, it’s the brightest jewel in any collection around the world.

Limited Edition Silver – 180 Ruby & Silver 700ml bottles
Limited Edition Silver- 62 Ruby & Silver 1.5L bottles

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all images courtesy of Glenfarclas Distillery and The Whiskey Corporation