The Lifeguard Stand Dog House by Charles Lushear

Lifeguard Stand Dog House

The Lifeguard Stand Dog House by Charles Lushear of Venice, California’s Bohemian Workbench, a custom design studio that specializes in unique creations and functional art, is about as cool as a dog house gets.

The Lifeguard Stand Dog House by Charles Lushear

Lifeguard Stand Dog House

The miniature replica of a Lifeguard’s stand is impressively authentic-looking, made of wood and hand painted. It features three tinted acrylic windows, functional shutters with authentic lifeguard text, removable Kong rescue chew toy, removable ramp, and super strong construction.

Lushear, who is best known for his awesome game controller tables, doesn’t cut corners. His pieces are immaculately fabricated and painstakingly detailed.

This beauty can be custom sized for your dog. The adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Brody, shown in these photos is the Bohemian Workshop dog. And he weighs about 23 lbs.

Each dimension was carefully chosen and painstakingly fabricated. No detail was spared. As Charles says “It’s probably nice enough for you to live in when you’re in trouble.”

Stand: 50″ length x 44″ width x 44″ height
Ramp: 46″ length x 19″ width x 11.5″ height

Buyer is responsible for freight costs. Please inquire prior to purchasing and provide a postal code. Local pick up is encouraged.

When Charles began the research for this piece, he had no idea how much lifeguard stands varied around the world. He found each one fascinating and exciting. If you’d like one designed after your local or favorite destination design, He’d be more than thrilled to create it for you.

Price as shown: $4000 USD

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